iZombie: Watch Season 1 Episode 7 Online

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Can zombies have babies? Hmmm. Unknown.

Well, we get an interesting look at Liv's maternal instincts after she eats the brain of a woman who had recently given birth (awww) on iZombie Season 1 Episode 7, so that's something!

Major gets one step closer to understanding there could be a zombie problem in town and that much closer to finding his way back to Liv, who spent the hour in the arms of Lowell...who may be working with Blaine. 

If Lowell is, indeed, a spy for Blaine, then it might not be such a bad idea for Major to be on the path to them, arms or not. But you'll have to be the judge. Find out for yourself when you watch iZombie online via TV Fanatic. You can get started by clicking below!

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iZombie Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Babineaux: I've created a monster.
Liv: Yeah, someone beat you to the punch on that.

Please let this conversation end with you cutting the crusts off a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.