John Noble to Guest Star on Forever Season Finale

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John Noble Forever!!

Yes, it's a bit of a love song for one of our favorites, but it's also because he's landed a gig on the season finale of one of the best freshman shows this season, ABC's Forever!

EW reports Noble will be playing the world's foremost expert of antiquities and adventure, Aubrey Griffin. Oooh la la, whatever does the adventure part of the description mean? Apparently, Griffin is somewhat of a legend. A mix of Indiana Jones and James Bond, his tales are so noteworthy that few know he's actually confined to a wheelchair in his Central Park West apartment.

John Noble as Walter Bishop

In the Forever Season 1 finale, Noble's Griffin will be outed when a museum curator dies with a dagger in her possession that dates back to Julius Cesar. In fact, it's believed to have been the very knife to end his life.

There is also a reported death curse for all who come in contact with the dagger and it just may be the same Roman dagger involved in Adam's first death in 44 BC!! Whoa.

We know nobody does interesting personalities like John Noble, so we're very excited about what he might bring to what already sounds like a tremendous finale!

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