Justified Season 6 Episode 12 Review: Collateral

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Raylan Givens, Boyd Crowder, and Avery Markham are soon to converge … like the aligning of the planets, if those planets carried guns and hated my guts. - Wynn Duffy

Clearly, Wynn knows exactly the direction all the major characters are headed, and Justified Season 6 Episode 12 pushed them all closer together.

But who will survive? And who will wind up taking a bullet in the finale? Those questions still feel completely up in the air.

Sure, Raylan has gone rogue and is focused on his mission of finding Ava and taking down Boyd.

He certainly came close on both those fronts during the hour.

We got a fantastic nighttime shootout between Raylan and Boyd with equally as entertaining dialogue in between. But I loved that even with Raylan crossing the line with his eyes wide open, even telling Boyd that Bob (who was shot) could take care of himself, he wound up heading down to help his friend.

Though Boyd’s comments about Raylan trying to walk the line and failing were interesting. I know Raylan wants to kill Boyd, but maybe, when all is said and done, he won’t.

Either way, those two are persistent for sure.

Boyd unfortunately had to deal with Zachariah, who was waiting for a fight as well. Instead, Zachariah blew himself up as a last resort. Another one bites the dust.

I do hope at least Bob pulls through. He’s clearly out of his league when it comes to the situations he’s gotten himself in, but he has so much heart. And it was fun to see him try and track down Raylan to help him out, even getting Ava at one point.

Now with the police finding Raylan at the very end, I still feel pretty confident he’ll find his way out of that to eventually face off against Avery, Boyd, Boon and Ava.

Because as far as Ava has gotten, how many times she’s managed to slip through certain death, she’s wound up in the clutches of Avery’s men.

And we all know that Boyd and Rayaln will be right behind.

It was definitely interesting seeing Avery chat it up with Loretta and a potential working together. That could change the game completely, but I don’t see Avery making it past the finale.

Boon either, though we did get to see him draw and shoot his gun, looking more and more like a cowboy. He’s a fantastically slimy character and I’m hoping someone gets to face off with him be it Raylan or even Tim.

And while Wynn looks to be getting out of Kentucky, might he have one last move to make?

It was bittersweet watching the penultimate episode of the series, knowing Justified is coming to a close, but this season has been top-notch from the characters, story, writing and acting.

It's certainly looking like it's going to go out with a satisfying bang.

Who will live? Who will die? How will the series end? Sound off below and watch Justified online now to make sure you're all caught up before the finale!

Collateral Review

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Justified Season 6 Episode 12 Quotes

Boyd: How you know I wasn’t some Boy Scout looking for his tent?
Raylan: Your teeth glow in the dark.

Before you try to seduce me, just know it’s been tried before.