Justified Stars Recall Favorite Moments, Preview Raylan-Boyd Showdown

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The Justified series finale is here.

And, like the entire run of the series, we'll no doubt be in for a Hell of a ride on Justified Season 6 Episode 13 tomorrow night.

How will Raylon Givens and Boyd Crowder conclude their long-standing feud? Will anyone make it out alive? And where will Ava end up, considering she was left in a very bad place at the end of Justified Season 6 Episode 12?

To get primed for Tuesday's finale, series creator Graham Yost talked to me last week at a Paley Center event for the FX series.

I also grabbed time there with Joelle Carter, Jacob Pitts, Erica Tazel and series star Timothy Olyphant, who kicks off this rundown of exclusive interviews by telling us how he hopes the audience will react to the finale:

Joelle Carter is as nervous as we are about Ava's future, but talked about how much the character has changed since Justified Season 1.

Graham Yost harkened back to the pilot for an important piece of dialogue that may pay off in the finale.

Did you know Jacob Pitts is just now watching the show? He explains why in our interview.

Why did Erica Tazel stop reading the finale script when she got it in her hands? 

Justified Season 6 wraps up on Tuesday at 10/9c on FX.

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