Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Like Hell Pt.2

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What is it with shows this week?!? Disappointment and loss runs rampant on the boob tube and Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 2 is no exception. 

Mackenzie Malikov has left the building. 

That's right, Kenzi, the beloved Russian gypsy with a ferocious fashion sense, scimitar sharp one-liners and a fervent loyalty matched by none other...is gone. For good.

That's the thing with the fae, it's never over.


Turning to Family - Lost Girl

We always knew her kick-ass boots were made for walking, but I never imagined them walking away from the Fae, away from bestie Bo. Certainly not after she was just rescued. Come on, we all assumed that meant she'd finish out the final season.

But, no. It would seem Hale's death proved too much for her and she's chosen to go make a life for herself as a human off the coast of Spain.

I sit here stunned because we thought we lost Kenz when she sacrificed herself in Lost Girl Season 4 Episode 13. As Bo's heart she was the only one who could seal the portal. She said she'd wait for her in Valhalla and wait she did. When Bo recovered her last week fans rejoiced at having the BFFs back together and back to their usual selves. 

And now this.

Maybe the showrunners feared that fans would be too upset at Kenzi's death, even though we know nothing's ever permanent in the fae world. Yes, we now have the promise that Bo and Kenzi will always be in each others lives, after or otherwise, but Kenzi's portrayer, Ksenia Solo, is not returning.

I, for one, feel that her exit in the season four finale would've been a better goodbye for the character. Was I devastated by Kenzi's death? Of course!

But even if I never saw her in another episode I would've been happy imagining her with Hale, knowing she went out as a warrior with her love for her best friend first and foremost in her heart and knowing that one day, somehow, someway, they'd be reunited.

Bo: We're sisters. We're in each others lives for good.
Kenzi: Hell, I couldn't even keep you out of my afterlife.

As it stands now I feel like I had the rug yanked out from underneath me and Kenzi's exit was cheapened. It wasn't the epic goodbye she deserved. I feel duped. After watching the episode I read an article where Ksenia says she felt like the Kenzi we knew ended with the season four finale. She's right. 

Kenzi was my favorite character and Ksenia gave her such raw beauty. She lit up the screen with those cerulean eyes and elicited more laughs, in more ways, than anyone else. The show will suffer a huge gaping hole in her absence. That said, I still wish she'd gone out before these last two episodes. 

Persephone tells Bo to let in the light to keep the evil at bay, but the greatest light just walked out the door. 

Mourning aside, I'll examine the pluses and minuses of the storyline.

Crikey! Your hands are colder than a Yeti's snow gnads.



  • I'll say it again...that dress!
  • Yeti snow gnads.
  • Stacey flirting with Dyson.
  • Lauren learning that Casper the groping ghost wasn't Bo.
  • Kenz and Lauren's screaming freak-out over the spirit before burning the board.
  • Tamsin and Stacey's insult-off. 
  • Bo learning about her mom. The scene in the nursery was the only thing I liked in the underworld.
  • Persephone saving Bo and telling her to let the light in.
  • The family dinner 
  • Tamsin and Dyson DTR as friends.

At least you weren't getting freaky with a decorative pillow.



  • The maze. We've had this huge build up and the whole thing was pretty lame.
  • Having sex with your step-mother. Gross! 
  • Totally weak-ass attack by daddy. That was it? Are you kidding me? Bo breaks a greater sweat having sex. A Keebler elf could've done better.

Moving forward Lost Girl will not be the same, but I look forward to seeing the adorable Rachel Skarsten highlighted more. With Ksenia gone she's sure to step up as the comic relief.

Should the show get back to the basics (fingers crossed)  it would also give Zoie Palmer and Kris Holden-Reid more material and the chance to shine like they did in the beginning. I'd love to see the original love triangle re-ignited. Kris is too sexy for words and I needs me some steamy Dyson scenes! 

After all is said and done I definitely feel Lost Girl has lost its way. Yet l hold out hope (even without everyone's favorite human) that it'll find it's way back to the light before The End. Let's hope. 

It's important to let the light in, Bo. Sometimes that's all it takes to keep the evil at bay.


If you missed Kenzi's sudden exit, you can watch Lost Girl online.

What did you think of Kenzi walking out the door? Do you think Ksenia got the exit she deserved? Will the show survive her absence? Drop a comment below.

Like Hell Pt.2 Review

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Crikey! Your hands are colder than a Yeti's snow gnads.


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