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This Nashville Season 3 Episode 18 and it's the hour when Christina Aguilera makes her first appearance as Jade St. John!

Of course, Juliette is having the life sucked out of her by her lovely little bundle of joy and although Avery can quite Cadence down with a shhhhh, he still can't put off an interview for another day.

Jade fits right in on Nashville, immediately asking Jeff about Layla and if she's merely a friend...or something more.

The reporter is trying to dig for dirt on Scarlett and Gunnar. Will she get any?

Since Luke's and Deacon's kids are dating, Deacon decides to come clean with Luke about his cancer. Maddie's having a hard time and dad to dad, they should be in it together. Find out how the conversation goes down when you watch Nashville online!

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Nashville Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Let's see, what in the world am I gonna wear? I left all my sparkles at the dry cleaners.


Maddie: You're such a hypocrite.
Rayna: Excuse me? Alright, if you feel that way about it then we can have that conversation, but you need to be able do it in a respectful way.
Maddie: I don't respect you.
Rayna: Well then we have a problem.