NCIS: Watch Season 12 Episode 19 Online

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On NCIS Season 12 Episode 19, the team run into a real life Lolita when the investigate the murder of a prostitute who goes by the name.

But who is the man in the car with her? His ID certainly doesn't feature a real name as there is no Naval record of a petty officer named Daniel Harvey. 

After a series of events, the team has only 12 hours to get the petty officer identified as well as the sample found on Lolita's, and it all links back to a case from 1979 in which nearly 100 people were killed when a bomb went off in a metropolitan airport.

How will it all tie together and will the NCIS team put to rest a case that's been languishing for decades? Find out when you watch NCIS online!

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NCIS Season 12 Episode 19 Quotes

Bishop: So who's briefing Gibbs?
Tony: Not me. I need a moment.
Bishop: For what?
Tony: I may have intimacy issues.
Bishop: Well tonight I was thankful for that.

Orlando: I came here because I have a family. I know how you cowboys work. Shoot first, ask questions later. My children are more important to me than my entire empire. I'm not willing to risk them getting cruise missle'd coming home from school one day. I want them to learn how to read, not how to scan the skies looking for drones. So, you win.
Gibbs: Just like that.
Orlando: I was retiring anyway. I was announcing it at that meeting you tried to crash.