Revenge Round Table: Is Victoria Dead?!?

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Did Victoria Grayson get the ultimate revenge on Revenge Season 4 Episode 20? And is it possible that she could walk away from the epic explosion?

Below, TV Fanatics Miranda Wicker, Paul Dailly, Ashley Bissette Sumerel and Christine Orlando are joined by Laura from Revenge Agenda to debate Victoria’s apparent death, David’s cancer and whether Jack should have left the Hamptons behind in "Burn."

Revenge Round Table 1-27-15

Do you think Victoria Grayson is really dead? 

Laura: First off, we saw that Victoria was still sitting in the chair as they panned out and the explosion went off. On top of that she inhaled natural gas for who knows how long as she paraded through Grayson Manor or House of Thorne's or whatever we are calling the mansion these days. So I don't see how they can make it plausible that Victoria survived that. Even being outside the home nearby injuries could result so unless she is a walking corpse and the show has been renamed to the Walking Dead I can't see how she could be alive!

Miranda: Oh god, I hope so. 

Paul: Hopefully. It would be so annoying if she managed to cheat death again. 

Ashley: I honestly have no idea. I think it could go either way, and I don't think either would surprise me at this point. I do think it's interesting if she is really dead, since it looks like everyone will be blaming Emily / Amanda.

Christine:  I’m torn. I love Madeleine Stowe so I’d hate to lose Victoria but as Laura pointed out, it’s pretty unlikely anyone could survive that explosion. Plus I can’t imagine how long the gas would have to be on to destroy the entire mansion. Did she turn the gas on in every fireplace in the house?

Should David tell Emily about his lymphoma diagnosis?

Laura; Yes sadly he should. They were given a second chance and they don't need to waste any of it, and Emily or Amanda rather is a grown woman. I think she should know the truth!

Miranda: Absolutely. They may not have much time together, and it's not like he can hide the fact that he's dying of cancer for very long. 'Fess up, David. 

Paul: He should. They have the most strained relationship of any family I've ever seen on TV, so it would make matters worse if Emily thought he was keeping things from her. 

Ashley: Yes! Like Laura and Miranda said, these two have a second chance, and he needs to be honest with her.  

Christine: Of course he should. There’s been far too many secrets between these two and she should be allowed to be there for her father. They’ll both regret it if he doesn’t tell her the truth.

Is Jack right to move to LA and start over?

Laura: Heck yeah! Poor guy waited and wondered and decided enough is enough. Emily is in love with Revenge. I am not sure she has room in her heart right now for romance and they do say absence makes the heart grow fonder so maybe this will be a wake up call for Emily. The masses of Jemily fans will be happy if it does. I am not a Jemily shipper so I think Jack is better off finding someone who can love him without secrets and Revenge. After all he does have a small child that should be his first and only concern at the moment.

Miranda: He's right to try to start over, but he won't be successful. Even if he doesn't get together with Emily, the Hamptons and Montauk are in his blood. He's not suited for life in LA. 

Paul: I think so many bad things have happened to him in the Hamptons that he needs to move on and start a fresh before the darkness consumes him. 

Ashley: Absolutely. I agree that it probably won't work, but I think this is something Jack needs. I'm also happy he didn't stick around for Emily. That was a sad scene, but I don't think I could have handled it if she kept him from going. Enough already!

Christine: Jack deserves to find his happiness and he can’t do that if he’s surrounded by memories of a woman he can’t have. Moving on is a smart move for him. 

Is Emily capable of walking away from her revenge centered life?

Laura: I don't know. I have asked myself this question for many seasons, long before wise Mason brought it to Ems attention. Emily is almost in love with Revenge. It’s in her DNA. It's part of her entire adult life. It's all she knows. Does Emily really know anything without Revenge? I doubt it!

Miranda: I really want her to be able to walk away. Deep down, I think she could. The problem is that she's played a giant game of Dominos for far too long. They're all going to continue to fall and she will never escape all the rippling problems she's caused with her vendetta. 

Paul: No way. Remember her revengenda in the season premiere? She cannot walk away from this. 

Ashley: Maybe, but I don't see it happening. I feel like there will always be some catastrophe that will make her fall back into her old ways.

Christine:  It doesn’t appear so. It seems to be the only way she knows how to deal with life or adversity. In the end, it will destroy her. She’s never quite realized that the best revenge would have been to live a happy life. 

Was there anything about “Burn” that disappointed you?

Laura: I love the actress that plays Margaux but her character is annoying. Blaming Louise one minute befriending her the next? This reverence to queen Victoria from both Margaux and Louise is quite concerning, not sure it's healthy and it's very annoying! 

Miranda: Every last thing about Margaux and Louise. Seriously. All of it. What is WRONG with Margaux that she's so hellbent on being Team Victoria even after knowing the truth about Daniel's death and that Victoria killed Aiden with her bare hands!? And I still want to know how Mason Treadwell knew where Emily would be.

Paul: I agree about Margaux and Louise. Louise needs to get her priorities in check. She turned on Emily and Nolan in a matter of episodes, so she could try and jump ship and take down Margaux. She's too unpredictable. 

Ashley: I completely agree. I never trusted Louise in the beginning, so I do buy her being on Victoria's side now. But Margaux is infuriating. Also, I don't like that David has cancer. I really believe the show should wrap up this season, and that seems like one more thing to let the drama drag on. 

Christine:  Oh, Louise. Nolan and Emily bent over backwards to help her with her family and she’s paid them back by turning on them at the first sign of trouble. Even with their divorce, Nolan would have been a loyal friend and ally to her for life. I liked Louise so this turn of events is truly disappointing. 

What was your favorite quote or scene from Revenge Season 4 Episode 20?

Laura: Mason's monologue to Emily was spot on! Loved every single part of it. So on point and very fitting. “I know your dirty little secret. You can't exist without Revenge. The endless cycle of hate its your addiction and like all tales of compulsion, this will end the same way. First you'll crash and then you will burn.”

Miranda: I really loved that speech too, Laura! It was fab. My favorite moment goes to Jack and Nolan's goodbye. I like the friendship those two have.

Paul: Stevie Grayson telling David that he isn't going through his Lymphoma alone. He may have been rude to her, but she knew deep down that he never meant it.

Ashley: I loved the moments between Emily and Nolan this week. Emily assured Nolan they would always be friends, and she also encouraged him to go live his life and look for happiness with Tony. I like seeing that side of her.

Christine:  Emily reaffirming her friendship with Nolan. He needed to hear her say the words.

Check back with us on Sunday night for our review of Revenge Season 4 Episode 21 and if you can't wait until then, you can watch Revenge online any time here at TV Fanatic. 

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