Revenge Round Table: Who's Holding the Red Sharpie?

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Emily Thorne no longer existed and Amanda Clarke took center stage in Revenge Season 4 Episode 19, but how many lives would be destroyed by the fallout?

Our TV Fanatics Paul Dailly, Miranda Wicker, and Ashley Bissette Sumerel are joined by Laura from Revenge Agenda to debate everyone turning on Nolan, their favorite flashback and who is holding that red Sharpie now?

Revenge Round Table 1-27-15

Were you surprised by how quickly both Louise and Emily turned on Nolan?

Laura: Well we saw it coming! So, no, not surprised. I was surprised how much Louise thought she was entitled to all of Nolan's and Emily's secrets. Seemed out of line on Louise's part to me.

Paul: I agree with Laura that we saw it coming. The show really is living up to its name this season. Every character has a revengenda! Louise is really irritating me. Don't get me wrong, she brings a lot to the show, but the way she has turned on Emily and Nolan after they helped her is pathetic. Why should Nolan open up to someone he has known a mere few months? Emily will make up with Nolan. She was just pissed that he exposed all of their deceit to the world. 

Miranda: The Nolan-Louise "wonder twins" thing was always bananas, so that doesn't surprise me at all. I don't think Emily turned on Nolan so much as Nolan thought Emily turned on him. She was mad, and rightfully so. He kept dangerous files which could expose not just her but himself, too. It was a stupid move and he deserved to hear it. 

Ashley: I agree. I feel like I've been expecting something like this from Louise all along. And if Emily doesn't make up with Nolan, I'll be surprised. She was more scared than anything, and yes, Nolan made a stupid move.

Which was your favorite flashback?

Laura: I loved them all. Probably for me the Fauxmanda/Emily flashbacks, especially since she has now come out publicly as Amanda, so it was full circle. It was bittersweet, kind of, almost like a recap of the show; possibly the end of Revenge? We shall see! 

Paul: I thought the purpose of the episode was to show every different look Emily Thorne has had over four years. All jokes aside, I loved it. The flashbacks I liked most were the ones involving Emily and Nolan. The one with the first takedown they worked on together was my fave. 

Miranda: NOT the Jack-Emily childhood wedding scene, that's for sure. I have to agree that the Fauxmanda flashbacks were the best.

Ashley: I'm with Paul. I loved the flashbacks with Emily and Nolan. Overall, I also appreciate the flashbacks that reminded us of details we may have forgotten. A lot has happened over the past few seasons.  

If you could bring back one character, either one simply off screen or one who has died, which would you choose and why?

Laura: Hmmm...I like the fact that Mason is coming back. I want to see him. Lydia probably has the most to gain from coming back since Emily named her as the one who shot her and we know she did not...Daniel did! I am seeing a lot of fans thinking Conrad is still alive on my FB fan page & twitter Revenge Agenda, but I believe he is dead. Enough of returning dead people; this isn't Revenge of The Walking Dead!

Paul: I wouldn't like any Grayson to come back. The show needs to move on from them. I'd like Ashley to come back. She has A LOT of unfinished business with Emily/Amanda and the fact that Emily has officially become Amanda could pave the way for a return. 

Miranda: Either Fauxmanda or Daniel Grayson, but the most recent version of Daniel or the awkwardly shy poet we met at the beginning.  

Ashley: Declan! That, for me, was one of the worst deaths we've seen on this show. I know it's helped shape the story and Jack's character somewhat, but I hated that they killed him off.

Should Jack make yet another play for Emily?

Laura: At this point I am not sure. I am not a big JEmily shipper. I was at one point in Revenge Season 1 when it seemed plausible. He had a chance the beginning of Revenge Season 3 when Emily kissed him at the Stowaway, but it seems so much has moved away from them being an actual couple. Secretly, I am a Nemily shipper, but don't tell anyone! 

Paul: I agree with Laura. He shouldn't. Emily is always going to be on some sort of mission on the dark side and Jack has to do what's right for his son. I think they will stay in contact, but when this whole thing comes to an end, he will be MIA from the Hamptons. 

Miranda: I can't see this ending any other way, so yes, I think he will, but it might not be until the very end. 

Ashley: No. If they are going to get together at all, it needs to be Emily that goes to him and not the other way around.  

Was there anything that disappointed you about the episode?

Laura: I was happy with Marguax admitting the truth to Vicky about Emily not pushing her...then saying she was done with her Revenge Agenda (pun:), but then she flip flopped at the end and that was a bit disappointing.

Paul: I'm with Laura on this one. Margaux was showing some promise, but then went and proved to us that she can never be redeemed. Also, there was no continuity with Courtney Love's mysterious character. 

Miranda: Yep. I'll add Margaux to the disappointing list. Honestly, aside from giving birth to Daniel Grayson, WHAT has Victoria EVER done for her that she's deserving of Margaux's sympathy, friendship, and help? Nothing. Victoria is a snake and Margaux's turning into an idiot. 

Ashley: I agree with everyone about Margaux. I'm really tired of her character and this story dragging on. 

Who circled Emily/Amanda’s photo with the red Sharpie?

Laura: Well we know Mason is coming back, so it seems rather too obvious to be him. Lydia makes sense, since she has a right to want to come back and possibly clear her name of attempted murder for shooting Emily. Also, they were heavy on the flashbacks of Lydia also pointing out she knew Emily's true identity, so it's possible she could be the one to circle Emily's face. We shall see...

Paul: Momma Clarke! Well, hopefully! If we don't see her before the show is over, reacting to the news that her daughter is in fact alive, it will be frustrating. 

Miranda: Oooh, I hadn't thought about it being her mother! I like that! My money is actually on Conrad Grayson. We never saw a body and we all know what that means... 

Ashley: Honestly, I can't imagine who it could be. My hope is that it's someone we already know, and not another new villain. I love the idea of it being the mom, and I think that could be a real possibility! Lydia makes sense too...

Check back in next Sunday for our review of Revenge Season 4 Episode 20 but if you can’t wait another minute, you can watch Revenge online now, right here at TV Fanatic. 

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