Scandal Round Table: Is Jake Ballard Dead?!?

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Did. That. Just. Happen?

That's the question on everyone's minds after watching Scandal Season 4 Episode 19. In case you live under a rock, Jake Ballard was repeatedly stabbed in the stomach by Russell, Olivia/Alex's lover and Rowan's henchman. (Watch Scandal online if you missed the last five minutes.)

We have much to discuss, TV Fanatics! Join Christine Orlando, Jim Garner, and Miranda Wicker as we break down "I'm Just A Bill."

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from "I'm Just A Bill?"

Christine:  I loved Cyrus pigeon warning to David about Susan. It was so darn funny and yet the perfect analogy for the situation. Fortunately, much like in the series of children's books, Susan was a pigeon who would not give up. 

Jim: David: "I fed the pigeon"  -- I laughed so hard and that one tiny sentence, Christine nailed what made it so funny above.

Miranda: Jim, David is one of my very favorite characters on this show! That line was awesome. To add something different to the mix, I loved the moment between Marcus and Olivia when she told him he did the right thing by being honest. She's so far down the hole herself she's not sure if she can make her way back out.

Plan your ideal end for Rowan Pope.

Christine:  End? Does he have to end? I love Rowan. Papa Pope needs to stick around. He’s a serious wild card for Olivia. I wouldn’t want him around for every episode but I hope he continues to pop up at just the right…or horribly wrong moment.

Jim: Bullet to the face - it's simple, uncomplicated, and best of all 99.9999% guaranteed final. 

Miranda: Part of me wants him to be thrown in the hole to suffer the way he's made so many others suffer but, ugh, that would mean he isn't dead. I need Rowan Pope to be gone forever and ever amen. Do not come back, do not collect $200.

Were you shocked to learn Russell is one of Rowan's men?

Christine:  No. I had suspected him all along. He just seemed too convenient and Rowan is way too good at manipulating his daughter. Rowan may have said he’s done with her in the past, but he never, ever will be.

Jim: Nope, in fact my wife actually shouted out loud "I knew it!" when Jake pulled off the mask.  

Miranda: In the end, no, not at all. There was a brief moment when I thought maybe he was just an innocent bystander, but I wasn't shocked to learn that Rowan had sent ANOTHER man to seduce and report on his daughter.

Susan Ross: Love her or hate her?

Christine:  Love her!  How many of our representatives actually read or understand the bills they sign? Probably not many of them. Wasn’t it Nancy Pelosi who once said, “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” I loved how Susan managed to stand up to everyone, Cyrus, David, and Fitz even under such extreme pressure. Good for her. 

Jim: I love her, she's great for Fitz and the country. The look on Fitz's face when he realized that she had a better handle on what was in the bill than he did was priceless!  

Miranda: LOVE! Susan Ross for President!

Would you entertain the idea of Marcus Miller joining the cast full time?

Christine:  I never considered that but I liked him in this episode. He makes mistakes but he seems to believe in the concept of wearing the white hat. Having him stick around could make things interesting. 

Jim: I agree with Christine, I really liked the Marcus that was in this episode. Olivia's speech to him about having done the right thing was nearly my favorite scene of the show, it was so powerful. 

Miranda: Absolutely! I love the character and the fact that he stands for something, much like David. I think he would make an excellent addition.

Describe your reaction to Jake's stabbing in 7 words or less:

Christine:  Nooooo! I love Jake. I love him with Olivia. I love him with the Gladiators. He’s sweet and funny and yet vicious at times. He’s an awesome character and I’m not ready to let him go. - Oops. That’s more than 7 words, isn’t it. 

Jim: First, Christine and I apparently have different values for "7" (hehe). Second, my answer: Crap, I may never watch Scandal again.

Miranda: Pretty sure I wasn't thinking in words (during that scene). We're all apparently incapable of counting. 

Scandal Season 4 Episode 20 airs Thursday night at 9/8c on ABC!

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 19 Quotes

I know you, because the apple does not fall far from the tree, Olivia, poison though it may be.


[to Olivia] It is your friends who do not know you, but I do. You are a warrior -- never reckless, never naive. Too smart to let fear drive you. Precise, quiet, calculating, you will wait for the right time, you will look at all the possible outcomes, you will understand what needs to be done.