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Jake Ballard is ALIVE!!!

With so much death going on in Shonda Rhimes shows, we thought it might be nice if you knew you could just click and watch Scandal Season 4 Episode 20 knowing at least one hot gentleman made it through the week. 

There is a fabulous scene, however, where Olivia puts a gun to another man's head and doesn't pull the trigger. When will Rowan Pope finally die?

In mildly interesting news, Mellie has decided to run for a seat on the Senate. The wife of a sitting president making a run for office is big news. Think Hilary Clinton big!

Find out how everyone takes when you watch Scandal online via TV Fanatic!

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Abby: So Mellie Grant's run for Senate is legal because of misogyny. In this instance misogyny is our friend. Is that what you're saying?
David: No. No, I'm saying something less controversial and something less likely to get me stoned to death by my feminist sisters.

Jake, come on, make some noise for me. Come on. Oh, they got you. We let them get you.