Supernatural Round Table: Sam Winchester Did What?!?

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Charlie may have found a way to get rid of the Mark of Cain... and Sam may have made a dangerous decision.

Supernatural Season 10 Episode 18 certainly had some major moments, ensuring that TV Fanatic staff writers Carla Day, Narsimha Chintaluri and Sean McKenna and The Winchester Family Business’ Alice Jester would have plenty to say regarding the major happenings of the hour.

Join in the latest Supernatural Round Table and discuss what you thought of “Book of the Damned!"

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite scene or quote?

Alice: My favorite scene is pretty easy. Heck I’ve written fanfics about this. Charlie and Castiel meet! Was that adorkable or what? She makes a joke about her carpal tunnel, and he heals her! Then she punches him in the arm and asks, “Did we just become best friends?”  Their game of paper napkin fortune teller over pizza makes that a yes. I must see more adventures with these two together. Better yet, welcome to your new Supernatural spinoff. 

Carla: Charlie and Castiel meeting was definitely one of the best moments. I liked the Book of the Damned fake-out by Sam. I didn't see that coming and initially was a little disappointed that the story was resolved so quickly. The fake-out was well done, and the Styne family will keep after the book.

Narsimha: Aside from whats already been mentioned, I also enjoyed the subtle moment when Dean said "See, I told you we were due for a win," after Castiel and Sam both lied to his face. He's really being manipulated this season, and it's all gonna come to a head soon.

Sean: I liked a lot this episode, but I really enjoyed getting some classic rock tunes again. Watching that end scene with the happy family enjoying some pizza and beer intercut with Sam going to Rowena, all set to “Behind Blue Eyes,” was a fantastic way to end the hour.

Castiel got his grace back, but what's up with his wings? Is he OK?

Alice: Yeah, I was wondering that too. It’s my guess that like the other angels, his wings were damaged in the fall to earth. The question is, do they have MiracleGro for angel wings? I was hoping that once he got his grace back, he could ditch the pimpmobile and to back to flying like a normal angel. His sudden appearances were classic! But since Cas has never really been OK, I’ll answer no.

Carla: Castiel getting his grace back was another favorite moment of mine. I'm not sure what's up with his wings, but now that he has his grace back I hope he'll be on the path back to having all his angel mojo back. I miss that Cas and it's time for his triumphant return at a pivotal moment.

Narsimha: Regardless of whether he's "OK" or not, Metatron had a point -- what's Cas's end game now? What's his mission? That was kind of a (no pun intended) meta moment itself because it seemed to be as much about the character's life in the show as it was about Castiel's wayward character progression as of late. What purpose has Castiel served recently? But I mean in this in the most inquisitive, and nonderogatory, way possible -- I still love Cas.

Sean: I was glad that Castiel was able to get his grace back as well. It was such a cool scene that was totally reminiscent of when he first appeared back in Supernatural Season 4. I can only assume that the tattered looking wings was because it wasn’t his full grace? I am curious to see where his path does actually take him, too.

What's Metatron going to do with the demon tablet?

Alice: First he conquers Hell, then Heaven, then Earth. Not necessarily in that order. He becomes the new Chuck and then the real Chuck shows up for the colossal smackdown of the ages. Or, he taps into some mild power and then is put in his place because he decides that writing stories is more fun because that so worked out for him the last time. Other than that, I really have no idea.

Carla: I know better than to speculate about what Metatron is up to. No idea what he'll do, but he won't be using it for good. Going into these last few episodes, there is so much going on. The Book of the Damned, the Mark of Cain, the Demon Tablet back in play among other things. At least Supernatural has been renewed for another season, so we only have to worry about a cliffhanger and not unresolved storylines.

Narsimha: Somehow turn Sam into a demon? I don't even know he has the power to do that. But Sam seems to be heading down that road anyways with all the deceit he's been involved with.

Sean: It’s hard to tell, because I never would have thought he could have sent all the angels out of Heaven. Metatron is bound to do something that’ll cause a problem, and it’s going to be just one more thing the Winchesters will have to deal with.

What did you think of the Styne family hunting Charlie?

Alice: They’re some real relentless bastards, aren’t they? I’m still trying to figure out how she stayed ahead of those guys across three continents. I just hope it means they’ll be trouble in the future because Jacob was way more interesting and fun that any villain they’ve had in a while (I’m looking at you Rowena). I’m sure his family are all like that.  Can they all be like that, please? 

Carla: The Styne family got taken down a little too easily in the episode, but if we see more of the family perhaps they will be better prepared. Charlie is smart and resilient, which is why I think they stayed a step ahead, plus it helped that she found the missing book. She started with a good head start since the family didn't have a clue where the book was located. 

Narsimha: I think Charlie slaying one of them in the final showdown was a good retaliation on her part. I think she can hold her own, but it doesn't hurt to have Sam and Dean around to lend a hand.

Sean: I really liked this new addition, and I hope that gets fleshed out some more. They got taken out relatively quickly, but there has to be more of them coming, right? I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have in store for Supernatural.

Thoughts on Sam giving the Book of the Damned to Rowena?

Alice: Yeah, I do have one. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING SAMMY???? I’ve been postulating for several weeks that Sam is being setup for the fall, not Dean and I think this act of his cemented that theory in pure fact. I get his desperation to save Dean, but to do it because he loves hunting and can’t do it without his brother? That seems awfully flimsy to me. I think Sam has actually snapped. Dean’s most recent death shook him way harder than any of us imagined. Either that or the writers have a reveal of a real reason planned by the end of the season that actually makes sense. 

Carla: Sigh. I hate Rowena so anything that brings her into the story makes me sad. Regarding, Sam.... WTF?!? I get that he wants to save his brother, but she's not someone he should trust with a harmless book so certainly not with the Book of the Damned. She's a witch and can use the book to do great harm to the world. I hope there's a big twist coming with this because otherwise I'm just disappointed.

Narsimha: Whatever can be said about that bizarre decision has been said (although, in Sam's defense, Dean risking the lives of billions just to save Sam is comparable to what's happening now). I'd rather talk about how awful the last montage was. Maybe it's just me but I hated the song choice, the dinner was weirdly filmed, the flashback too long and unnecessary... but Rowena getting the last line was cool.

Sean: I really liked that ending! To each their own, of course, but I have to believe that there’s something more to Sam choosing Rowena for help. I know he’s desperate for help, and the Winchesters seem to get on this path of doing whatever it takes to help the other brother out. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all turns out, that’s for sure.

Sean McKenna was a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. He retired in May of 2017. Follow him on Twitter.

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