Supernatural Season 10 Episode 17 Review: Inside Man

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Might Supernatural be hinting at Lucifer’s return?

At least, according to Metatron, that’s who might know how to get rid of the Mark of Cain. And he’s in the cage.

But what’s to say Metatron isn’t simply lying again, as Supernatural Season 10 Episode 17 revealed that the scribe of God, who Bobby thinks looks like a Fraggle, has zero clue on how to help Dean and eliminate the Mark.

However the prison break wasn’t all for naught as it did bring about the return of Bobby.

I’ve certainly missed the character since he died in Supernatural Season 7 Episode 10, though we got to see him as a ghost for a while after and then finally get some help into Heaven in Supernatural Season 8 Episode 19.

I loved his comments to Sam about the old days when they just fought off some monsters and then grabbed a cold one.

Despite the bigger obstacles and odds, Bobby was willing to risk whatever consequence to help Sam and Castiel out. It was also fun seeing Bobby and Castiel working together, something that felt different but not out of place.

I just hope that scene where the angels show up in his personal Heaven at the end doesn’t mean something worse for him than death.

Really, it was just great to get his presence back on the show, and I liked hearing his letter to Sam about not stopping, but not doing it behind Dean’s back. Even a comment about being proud of him and to “kick it in the ass,” makes you miss his character even more.

I just hope Sam listens.

Granted, I enjoyed him teaming up with Castiel as well, and watching them make smart moves to get to Metatron. That scene where they switched the leverage game up was great, and it revealed that Metatron does know where Castiel’s remaining grace is.

So while the mission sort of failed, there was something good to come out of it.

I’m curious as to how much longer Dean can hold back the effects of the Mark of Cain (and did they say during the hour that it will turn him back into a demon soon?), but he did a pretty good job against Rowena and the Abercrombie rejects.

I certainly enjoyed the little moments like Dean messing with Sam’s stuff or hustling at pool, but it was also good to hear his speech about family to Crowley. (A little nod to Bobby, of course.)

It was weird that Dean and Crowley sat down to talk rather than fight, but I’m glad they acknowledged that Crowley has gotten kind of soft. At least the conversation finally spurred Crowley to get rid of his mother (it only took forever!), but I’m sure that is not the last we’ve seen of her.

This was a huge step up from Supernatural Season 10 Episode 16, and it was great that everyone involved in the hour seemed to have an important role to play. I was far more invested from the very beginning of the episode, and the return of Bobby (though short) was effective. This was a well done hour with some solid forward progress.

Now I'm just really curious how that Mark is going to be handled and what's in store for the rest of Supernatural Season 10.

What did you think of the episode. Were you glad to see Bobby again? Sound off below. And while we wait for April 15, watch Supernatural online here at TV Fanatic!

Inside Man Review

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