The Blacklist: Watch Season 2 Episode 19 Online

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What is the fulcrum, anyway?

Hold onto your hat's blacklisters, becuse on The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 19 you're finally going to find out. Say what? Yes. You will find out. 

But first, Red's life is in jeopardy and even when he's hidden away to have surgery where nobody, not even the FBI can find him, the bad guys still manage to get their guns in the room. Red's minions are there, too. Red has very loyal people.

One of those loyal people will ask Liz to go to Red's flat and get something very special that will make all the difference in this fulcrum business. And eventually, Liz will ask Red a question. He has the opportunity to answer her once and for all.

Will he make the right decision? Find out when you watch The Blacklist online via TV Fanatic.

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The Blacklist Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

You have no idea the enemies you just made.

The Director

It wouldn't kill you to lie just once to make someone feel good.