The Flash Round Table: Cisco Remembers!

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On the The Flash Season 1 Episode 18 Round Table, the participants are chatting about Brie Larvan, Ray and Felicity's visit to Central City, Eddie's burden and more.

Join The Flash team Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast and TV Fanatics Hank Otero, Jim Garner and Tanya Moat for the discussion by dropping your own thoughts in the comments.

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What did you think of Ray and Felicity's visit to Central City?

Andy: Can I have more please? That's pretty much my reaction of them visiting The Flash. As much as I love them over at Arrow, they fit in so much better with The Flash because of their light-heart personalities, although that's probably a good reason why they need to be on Arrow so that that show doesn't go too dark. I loved Ray with Cisco, that dynamic itself needs to be a spinoff or a web series.

Hank: I'm totally with Andy on this one! It's just magic when Felicity visits Central City and Ray fit in great. He's never really worked for me on Arrow. That moment when Caitlin said, "God there's two of them" was brilliant. Andy's right though, Felicity and Ray bring some much needed levity to Arrow. After this week's episode, I'm much more excited about the upcoming superhero spinoff show.

Jim: I agree with Hank and Andy, Ray and Felicity were such a fun addition to this week's story I wish we could have them visit more often!

Tanya: We're all in agreement that it was another greet visit from Felicity and now Ray. Felicity is such a great confidant for Barry because she is also a bit removed from the situation, not living it day-to-day. As much as I love Joe, his advice to keep Cisco, Caitlin and Iris out of the loop is bad. Felicity, at least, helped Barry see it and get over any fears of them being on Wells' team.

What do you think Eddie should do about the burden he now carries?

Andy: I'm not sure what he should do with it, but I will say that this was my favorite Eddie episode and that everything he did felt so right because he was representing the audience in a great way that are also frustrated that he as well as Joe and Barry are lying to Iris.

Hank: He's over-thinking it in my opinion... chill out bro. It's his awkward reaction to things that tipped Iris off. I had a feeling the burden would be too much for Eddie. I even mentioned before he should not have been told. Looks like the only option is going to be splitting up Eddie and Iris. That, or letting her in on the big secret. Which Barry might do by the end of the season. I have a feeling the Eddie/Iris relationship is on its way out, though.

Jim: Deflection is the name of the game. Eddie needs to let Iris in on A big secret (it doesn't have to be Barry's secret) and then let the guilt go. Once Iris feels like he's telling her everything and he starts acting normal, things should be ok. Of course, this is The Flash, so it is pretty much guaranteed not to go this way or be OK, right?

Tanya: I agree with Hank that he's probably over-thinking it. But I kind of like the fact that keeping a huge secret from Iris bothers him so much that he can't pretend everything is all right either. I also feel as though Eddie had to be clued in so when Iris does find out, it can justify her breaking up with him and eventually moving on to Barry.

What does it mean that Cisco is remembering the day that Barry erased?

Andy: That things are about to go down big time. It's complicated with alternative timelines, parallel universes and all that. But I do wonder if this can give Cisco somewhat an upper hand by the time they start to try and take Harrison down.

Hank: Yeah, I was wondering how that was even possible. I'm sure the writers are going for a déjà vu type explanation. Wasn't there something about paradoxes and parallel universes being a kind of déjà vu on Fringe? Either way, if Cisco is having flashes of that other timeline, shouldn't some of the other characters be having them as well? Or maybe since he died, he's the only one experiencing these déjà vu moments?

Jim: I'm with Hank, I wondered after Cisco's first vision if Iris was going to have a vision of her and Barry kissing or him dressed as The Flash. I'm not sure what it means if only Cisco has these visions.

Tanya: It does seem strange that only Cisco is having flashbacks. Honestly, it would be much more interesting if Iris did start remembering Barry in the Flash costume over her being upset that Eddie is keeping a secret.

What did you think of Emily Kinney's appearance as Brie Larvan?

Andy: She was fine, I just think she was sadly incredibly underused a lot, but I can't complain too much because the episode was focusing so much on the team ups which sadly gave her very little to do and in the end only came off as a very one-dimensional character. But I liked her for the bits that we got and the good thing here is that since they didn't kill her off, she can come back! Maybe H.I.V.E. will somehow recruit her and she will be somewhat a crossover villain between Arrow and The Flash next season.

Hank: Like Andy says, she was fine. I didn't think much of Brie Larvan to be honest. I thought the whole bee thing was a tad cheesy. After binge-watching Daredevil Season 1 over the weekend, both The Flash and Arrow paled in comparison this week. I realize they're all different superhero shows, but Daredevil was such an adult series that jumping back into the CW shows was like revisiting high school or something.

Jim: I'll be honest, I had to look Emily Kinney up to even understand the base nature of this question. As I'm not a Walking Dead fan, I had no idea who the actress was, but I'm guessing she was a popular character that was killed, died, or was eaten on that show?

Tanya: It was underwhelming, although not her fault. She was just a handy villain, but like Andy, I thought she also had potential so maybe we will see her and her robotic bees again.

Did you have a favorite moment or quote in the episode?

Andy: I loved so many of the one-liners that characters like Felicity, Ray, Cisco and etc had but I think my favorite moment was really anything that put Cisco and Ray together. I seriously need more of those two together. Mark Pedowitz of the CW: if you are reading this, let me know if you need someone to put together some ideas for a webseries featuring these two awesome fellows!

Hank: As I mentioned at the top, I loved Caitlin's "God there's two of them" comment. Cisco asking Ray if he'd picked a name yet was great, too. "I'm kinda partial to The Atom," Ray tells him. "You married to that or...?" Cisco replies. That addressed the cheese factor a little bit and I thought it was funny. Andy's right though, there were a ton of great lines this week. It's tough to remember them all.

Jim: By far my favorite moment was Ray's arrival when Cisco and Caitlin said "Is that a bird? no, wait, is that a plane?" As it was an awesome nod to Brandon Routh's very under-appreciated portrayal as Superman in Superman Returns. I'm so happy that Routh is getting the chance to play a superhero nobody has really done before so he can infuse his own personality into it instead of living in the show of another actor.

Tanya: I agree, Jim. I laughed so hard and it was a great call out to Routh's past as Superman. I pretty much loved every interaction between Cisco and Ray and fully support Andy's idea for a web series starring them. And Felicity's drop the mike moment was great too.

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 18 Quotes

Harrison: What exactly are we waiting for, Ms. Smoak?
Felicity: [points to the sky] That there!
Caitlin: Is that a bird?
Cisco: It's a plane...
Felicity: It's my boyfriend
Ray: Hi! [waves] I'm Ray.

Bees. Why did it have to be bees? Y'all I don't do bees, ain't nobody got time for bees!