The Flash Season 1 Episode 20 Review: The Trap

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"The Trap" was delivered to us with a lot of hype.

But did The Flash Season 1 Episode 20 really deliver upon all of the insanity? Yes and no.

Barry and Eobard made admissions about past acts and identity to some surprisingly receptive listeners, we saw Iris' first jolt of recognition connecting The Flash and her friend Barry and it appears we saw the last of Harrison Wells as we knew him.

First up, let's chat about the admissions. It sure went over easy when Barry admitted he had already time traveled. Honestly, if Barry told me he time traveled already, I would have been a heck of a lot more interested in the day he lived that we didn't than anyone in that room appeared to be. 

Do you think maybe they all chatted about it while Joe was flashing back to Harrison offering help on rehabilitating Barry? Sure, they've all seen a lot lately, but time travel that they were all a part of on some level? That's awesome! Maybe it's just me.

The other admission I found rather sedate was when Eddie learned he was connected to the Reverse Flash. Alright, he was already sitting down, but that's a pretty huge reveal for a regular guy. What did Eobard mean by Eddie being his insurance policy? I'd think Eobard would be worried about Eddie's profession if he's his ancestor, because if he dies, wouldn't Eobard die? Of is that the wrong type of time travel?

You can see a lot of questions were raised here.

I'm kind of surprised this is the first time Iris recalled the jolt of electricity she felt when she touched Barry at STAR Labs, but perhaps she needed to have the evidence to nudge her along. It was divine intervention, I suppose, that they touched and recreated said jolt just after she put all of that together.

Much like she did in the tsunami episode, Iris didn't seem put off by the knowledge Barry was The Flash, but instead intrigued and breathless. That can wear off after she gives it time to settle, however. We'll soon find out.

It seems Harrison Wells has left the building. After today's events, he can hardly resume his position at STAR Labs, even after he acknowledged how much he came to enjoy working with everyone and that watching little Barry grow up took away some of the sting of knowing the man he would grow to hate. 

Introducing Hannibal Bates last week makes perfect sense and I feel like a complete idiot for not thinking it was him entering the force field. I thought a speedster could walk in but not run (but I thought that when Barry tested it at warp speed, too, as I'm sure was intended).

Eobard is free and out and about. Who will be running STAR Labs? Surely there will need to be an explanation as to where Harrison has gone off to. We've all been worrying we would lose the good side of Harrison Wells because he's a really cool guy and since finding his corpse, there wasn't any attempt to try to breathe life into him.

It was cool that Barry shared with Joe how easily he could be convinced he wasn't a bad guy if he allowed himself. Joe, however, has never bought into the nice side of Harrison Wells, so it appears Eobard Thawne is here to stay.

At this point, even if we do a time reset, we're still not getting the original dynamic back because Barry will always know about Eobard. It just doesn't necessarily seem right to continue on as STAR Labs with Caitlin and Cisco only. Again, maybe it's just me.

The earlier chat with Gideon was enlightening and I wished Barry hadn't interrupted her before she told him that he was the founding member of...The Justice League! We got so close, but he butted in just before she said it.

As if Barry didn't have enough secrets from Iris, and trouble keeping them, he learned he will marry her in the future. He handled it very well. He's quite confident these days. That said, I don't condone Joe's behavior to influence his daughter's decisions. Let her make her own, come what may. On the other hand, a straight conversation sharing his thoughts about her feelings for Barry might not hurt. That's not backhanded.

Essentially, "The Trap," started setting right some of the things that Barry changed in The Flash Season 1 Episode 15, but it wasn't as good of an episode. That's not a bad thing because "Out of Time" was a little too good for it's own sake.

What do you think? What's next for STAR Labs without Harrison Wells? Are we calling him Eobard Thawne now? Were you surprised how easily people took some of the news tonight? Will Iris be alright with her insight into The Flash? Hit the comments!

If you need to see more, you can watch The Flash online any time via TV Fanatic. Up next is The Flash Season 1 Episode 21 when Eobard sends a gorilla after the group in "Grodd Lives." Awesome!

The Trap Review

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Barry, listen to me. You need to move your arms faster! I believe in you, Barry.


Eddie: I know the timing might seem off with everything that has gone on, but I want to propose to Iris and I want your blessing.
Joe: No.
Eddie: [chuckles] Come again?
Joe: No. You do not have my blessing.