The Good Wife Round Table: Email Is Forever

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If you want to know how someone really feels, read their email. That was the lesson from The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 17 - because email is forever.

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by The Good Wife fans from Twitter, @Donnamour1969, @SarahLHW, and @SambaJulianna to discuss their favorite emails, if Cary and Diane are angry with Alicia and whether Eli was right in “Undisclosed Recipients."

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Which of the emails were your favorite?

@Donnamour1969: I loved them all! I think it's great when this show veers off into the absurd sometimes, especially all the catty infighting afterwards. I love how daring this show can be.

@SarahLHW: The two emails from Will and Alicia kinda threw me off. I think there are a lot of emotions resurfacing now. I mean seriously, "your inner thighs against my cheeks"? I feel like I was reading 50 Shades of Grey (I have not actually read it). It was so racy, and it was nice to revisit the good ol' Willicia moments that we all miss so much, but it just makes me miss Will even more, just when I almost finished mourning him.

@SambaJulianna:  Oh the emails...I liked to see what was happening between Will and Alicia during the affair. I won’t say I didn’t like the emails because I did, even if some parts of that sounded too much like fanfiction. I liked the situation, the possibility to know what was happening during the affair. I think my favorite was WIll's email because he was calling her baby. Also I liked knowing that Alicia and Johnny wasn’t just that kiss and they were in touch, but I still need more about them.

Christine:  I loved how it caused complete turmoil for everyone. We all think we want to know what people really thing of us. We don’t. 

Do you think that Cary and Diane are angry at Alicia for running for State’s Attorney?

@Donnamour1969: Yes, because they banked a lot of their business on her name. Rather hypocritical of Diane, I think, given she almost became a judge, however, and would have left Will in the lurch once upon a time.

@SarahLHW: Yes. I'm angry at Alicia. I think Cary feels betrayed because they worked so hard for this firm and they began with a rocky start, but they were just starting to rebuild something. I think Diane is especially hurt because it seems, to me, that Alicia is Diane's replacement for Will. And she kind of sees herself as Alicia's mentor. Seeing Alicia sit in Will's office everyday and know that she's planning to leave the firm hurts her, like she's losing a best friend almost. 

@SambaJulianna: They are angry about what her victory as state’s attorney represents for the firm. Her cases, the money she represents, it will all impact the firm. When Cary sees Alicia talking to Castro, he thinks Alicia is on the other side now; she would no longer be an ally, she is state’s attorney now. But as my friend said “That's just a matter of perspective. He saw her shaking hands with Castro and took his own conclusions.”

Christine:  Yes, I think they are. They feel as though she’s abandoning them. She was Cary’s partner in this new firm and she convinced Diane to jump ship. Now she’s jumping ship herself on the whole venture. They feel as though she’s made a selfish decision that hurts them all, whether that is correct or not.

Was Eli right? Does Alicia have to at least appear as though she’s playing ball with her contributors?

@Donnamour1969: Yes, like it or not, Eli does know whereof he speaks. Alicia is in office now, a public servant. She needs to walk that fine line between doing what she believes is right and doing what her constituents want, especially the powerful ones whose support she may need again someday. It probably feels a little dirty to Alicia right now, but it is the way the game is played, and Eli is an expert at this game.

@SarahLHW: I think Eli is always right when it comes to politics. I think if Alicia doesn't take his advice, then she will regret it deeply in the future of her political career. Eli is used to working with rich people so I think he knows what he's talking about.

@SambaJulianna:  Eli is right. Alicia is a politician now and she needs to know she has to act and at least think like one. She needs time to learn it, to know she can’t just say what she wants to someone who gave money for her campaign. It’s exactly what Eli told her, she can do what she wants, but she needs to play with that. 

Christine: Eli was absolutely right. She doesn’t have to do what they want, but she has to make them feel as though she’s listening. Alicia needs to make them feel as though they’re getting a return on their investment, whether they’re truly getting one or not is irrelevant. There’s an art to politics and Eli is the master. 

Was there anything in “Undisclosed Recipients” that you found disappointing?

@Donnamour1969: No, it was a great episode. I loved every minute of it.

@SarahLHW:  Not exactly disappointing, but some people were pointing out that the dates on the emails were not exactly corresponding to the timeline of the show. Was Will and Alicia really still having a relationship while Alicia already agreed to starting Florrick, Agos & Associates, just a couple of weeks before Will found out, just a couple of months before Will died? If so, I don't know how us Willicia shippers missed it!

@SambaJulianna: Nothing, I really liked the entire episode.

Christine:  I was disappointed with how quickly Diane turned on Alicia. Was it jealousy? I can’t say her comments surprised me but it did disappoint me. 

What was your favorite scene from the episode?

@Donnamour1969: When the e-mails first hit, and everyone was reading them aloud. A great narrative device, beautifully executed.

@SarahLHW:  My favorite scene was probably when Alicia and Marisa were going through her emails. An email to her gynecologist... about a pregnancy test? You mean we could've had a Willicia Baby??? I lost it there. I couldn't even handle or digest what was happening! I actually rewound to go back to that and to go back and read those emails that Eli was reading!

Overall, in my opinion, this was the most entertaining episode of the season! However I don't like the fact that so many of our old Willicia feelings are rising back to the surface a whole year after his death. For me, I would've liked to see THIS in Alicia's mind. That would be interesting. 

@SambaJulianna: I think I don’t have one favorite scene but favorite moments. The Marissa and Alicia moment in the first scene and with the emails. Alicia needs a friend and I love their friendship. The scene where Alicia told the partners they have to settle the problem about the emails, Kalinda and Howard fighting and all the moments of the partners reading the emails. The episode was so so so good!

Christine: The email fallout was fantastic throughout. I can only hope that it continues next week.

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