The Good Wife Round Table: Goodbye Kalinda?

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Alicia lost her position as State’s Attorney, her spot at the law firm she helped create, and an old friend all in The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 21. No wonder she was headed towards an epic breakdown.

TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by The Good Wife fans from Twitter, @SarahLHW and @SambaJulianna to debate Lemond Bishop’s arrest, Kalinda’s departure, and what’s next for Alicia Florrick after “The Deconstruction”

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Were you happy or upset to see Lemond Bishop arrested?

@SarahLHW:  I was more upset because I really thought that he could retire and just focus on his son. But at the same time, I think his bad decisions would always follow him and eventually he would still get arrested. 

@SambaJulianna: I was happy and relieved. For God’s sake, I was tired of that thinking that the man could harm everyone and nothing would happen to him because he is untouchable. But at the same time I am worried about Kalinda

Christine: There was a part of me that hoped he could get away and start over but that wasn’t very realistic. Like he said himself, people in his line of work generally end up in prison or dead. 

Should Louise Nolfi have gotten six years for shipping ecstasy?

@SarahLHW: I thought it was so nice to see Diane stick up for an old lady getting arrested. And no, because I don't think she knew what she was doing or that she was doing something wrong. 

@SambaJulianna: In my opinion no. I found it interesting when I realized that while Louise was at risk of going to jail for 13 ecstasy pills, we had Bishop going to jail for drugs, too. Both going to prison for drugs, but in completely different circumstances.

Christine: Six years, no. But she needed to wake up. She wanted to protect her grandson. She wanted to protect her public defender. All of that good will was naive and it was going to end up with her in prison.

Will that be Kalinda and Cary’s last kiss?

@SarahLHW: I think that was a sweet goodbye for Kalinda so if that was her last episode, I wouldn't be mad. Except for the fact that we still haven't gotten that Alicia/Kalinda scene we all wanted so badly. But I guess it's good knowing that she's not dead... yet.

@SambaJulianna: No, please no. I’m sure we will see them again. We never know what the writers have planned. I hope we can see one more kiss!

Christine: I think that was it. Quick, sad but sweet. I felt bad for Cary when he went to her apartment and all he found was her hairbrush. I’ll bet she left it behind in case they need to identify her DNA.

What would you like to see next for Alicia?

@SarahLHW: Honestly, I was really hoping that she would run for State's Attorney, win the race for State's Attorney, have the whole thing blow up in her face, and have her go back to the law firm. The whole episode with the drama at the firm gave me mixed emotions and when we got to the end and she ended up not going back, I was really mad. Now it seems like she has to find something else to do... or someone? *cough cough* FINN!

@SambaJulianna: I want to see her happy. I think I want to see Alicia and not Alicia Florrick, I mean I’ve been waiting for Alicia’s freedom since The Good Wife season 1 and I think that is my wish now. Maybe a new firm or she can come back to the firm, but the fact is I want to see Alicia happy. 

Christine: I really wanted to see her go back to the law firm she started. I have no idea what the direction the show is taking with her now and I’m completely confused. 

Was there anything in “The Deconstruction” that disappointed you?

@SarahLHW: The fact that Alicia didn't get to go back to Florrick, Agos, Lockhart. AND the fact that we didn't get a last face to face conversation between Alicia and Kalinda. I'm gonna miss those two.

@SambaJulianna: Yes! I want to see that letter!

Christine: I was disappointed in the mandatory minimum sentencing story. Diane and RD have given us such powerhouse debates on abortion and gay rights that this one really felt light weight in comparison. 

What was your favorite line or scene from the episode?

@SarahLHW: I loved the deja vu from the beginning of the episode and the pilot. I thought it was a nice circle. Also when Kalinda solved her last problem at Lockhart Gardner/Florrick Agos Lockhart/Lockhart Agos, Lee (Whatever that firm is called these days!) it gave her a sweet goodbye and for me she redeemed herself. I’m not positive that's the last we'll see of Kalinda but if that was her goodbye, it was a damn good one. Plus, I'm glad she didn't die, unlike Will's death which I am still not over! 

@SambaJulianna: Kalinda’s scenes, especially when she is thinking of Alicia, that scene was perfect and she was so emotional when she says goodbye. That scene was painful, I was crying but it was perfect. Alicia and Diane’s scene and of course the last scene. When you think about the last scene you have to understand Alicia wasn’t crying only for that letter but for everything that is happening in her life. What Kalinda said in that letter was the final blow. 

Christine: Alicia’s breakdown at the end. The woman has lost everything she fought so hard to obtain. Anyone would be devastated. 

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