The Good Wife Round Table: Should Kalinda Come Clean?

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A reporter got ahold of Alicia’s e-mails as her “flirtation” with Will was outed, Diane and RD butted heads once again and Kalinda past sins came back to haunt her in The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 18

Below, TV Fanatic Christine Orlando is joined by The Good Wife Twitter fans @Donnamour1969, @SarahLHW, and @SambaJulianna to debate, the myth of “Saint Alicia” whether Kalinda should come clean and which character they’d like to see more of this season...

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Was painting Alicia as "Saint Alicia" just asking for the press to tear her town?

@Donnamour1969: Of course, because that's what the press is obliged to do.  The bigger they are...

@SarahLHW: I think the reason "Saint Alicia" was so important was because she was in the shadows of Peter's sins. Now that all her sins are coming out of the shadows, she's facing the same thing that Peter faced. She knew she had a lot to hide even when it was just Peter running for governor. Now that she's her own public figure, the press is coming directly for her, which is opening up a lot of old feelings again.

@SambaJulianna: Eli created it because it was important for Peter, for his career. Now you can see it was a big mistake. Eli opened the door for the press to bring  Alicia down. 

Christine: Yeah, that was just asking for trouble. No one is a saint and it only served to put a target on Alicia’s  back. 

Do you think Kalinda should confess her part in the falsified meta data?

@Donnamour1969: No. Unless they have actual proof of what she did, she should remain silent.

@SarahLHW: I'm conflicted about Kalinda confessing, because if she does or doesn't, she and Diane will both go down for it. I think in this case it's really hard for the law to be on their side. Even if Kalinda confesses and testifies that Diane had no idea (which is true), Diane is still going to get in serious trouble because she presented the false evidence in court. So either way, it'll be interesting to see how they fight their way out of this situation. 

@SambaJulianna: Oh, I’m worried about her and Diane. I don’t want to see them in trouble, but I know it’s too late. I think she should confess.

Christine: She should keep her mouth shut. Wiley may know she did it but that doesn’t necessarily mean he can prove she did it. She’s working with an entire team of attorneys. If she confesses it should only be for one hell of a deal for both her and Diane. 

Was Diane out of line when she invited RD’s nephew to participate in the mock trial?

@Donnamour1969: Maybe, but she ended up making a good point to RD, at least on a personal level.  Too bad he is still going to pursue the case.

@SarahLHW: I don't think so because it's opening his eyes up to something that he condemns and can't accept. He was so focused on winning a case, he didn't see how this could affect him. Like Diane says, the law always gets personal.

@SambaJulianna: First of all I loved Diane in this episode. I don’t think so. He asked her to “go for the jugular” and she did that. She showed him she can do that perfectly and he said he had a nephew who is gay and the perfect way to make him understand all the questions about gay marriage was seeing someone close to him in that position.

Christine: It was a risky move, but RD did tell her to go all out. He can’t say he didn’t ask for it and it definitely drove her point home that the law is personal. 

Is there one character you’d like to see more of this season?

@Donnamour1969: Finn, definitely! I know the actor has had other commitments, but I still have hope that Finn and Alicia will at least share a kiss by the finale. I really love them together, how they are good friends, how gentle and kind he is. Alicia needs that in her life.

@SarahLHW:  I really wanted to see more of Finn. Even if he isn't romantically involved with Alicia, I missed seeing him in court. Now that he's representing Kalinda, I'm sure we'll see more of him. I know that Julianna Margulies has previously stated that Alicia and Finn are not going to happen but hey, a girl can dream right?

@SambaJulianna: Honestly? Johnny is the only character I want to see that I want to know more. In my opinion, he is the only one who could save or at least help Alicia. I’m still pissed off about what happened to him on the show.

Christine: We’ve seen so little of Cary since his prison storyline. I’m really hoping we get to see more of him as Kalinda’s story heats up.

Do you believe that Peter actually loves Alicia?

@Donnamour1969: Yes. But he loves himself more.

@SarahLHW:  I believe he did love her until the power got to his head. But now, I think he just loves the idea of her and the idea of having someone to grow old with. Even if he does really love her, she will never be able to love him the way she used to. 

@SambaJulianna: I don’t know if I can say he loves her. For me Peter understands love in a different way, maybe.

Christine: In his own way, yes. They have decades of history and two children together. There’s definitely love there, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to being committed and faithful.

Was there anything in “Loser Edit” that disappointed you?

@Donnamour1969: No, I thought it was another great episode. This season is really amazing!

@SarahLHW: It's not specific to this episode, but for the past season, the show seems to have been divided between Alicia's story, Diane's story and Kalinda's story. Now that Kalinda and Diane are involved with a case, it's now the law firm, and Alicia's story. I want to see how they will come back together because that's where the foundation of the show is.

I think they've all been separated since Will's death and whether or not it's on purpose, seeing them basically living their own lives is annoying. They aren't a team anymore. Also, can we address the fact that Alicia and Kalinda havn’t had a real scene together since pretty much The Good Wife Season 4?

@SambaJulianna: I don’t know if it is a disappointment, but I was expecting Alicia to tell the truth about her affair with Will.

Christine: Yes, I wish that Alicia had come clean about the affair with Will. She already won the election and her husband has had very public liaisons with hookers. Would anyone really care that Alicia slept with a colleague and friend she’s known since college?

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

@Donnamour1969: I loved when RD looked up and realized Diane had put his nephew on the stand. A great twist!

@SarahLHW: My favorite scene was when Alicia got emotional when Eli basically told her to lie about her affair with Will. To me (as a hardcore Willicia shipper), it shows that Alicia had real feelings for Will even if she'll never admit to them. When Diane was arguing in the mock trial, I loved seeing her defend something that she's so passionate about. That's another thing I miss from the show; passion for the law and justice system. 

@SambaJulianna: Alicia saying, “It was an affair,” and, “Love is a word that is so exhausted. I wish it meant something to me.” Diane telling RD, “The law is supposed to be fair not impersonal. In fact, I’d argue that the law is always personal. It has to see the human side too. Otherwise, it’s meaningless.” 

Christine:  I just loved Diane and RD debating gay marriage vs. religious freedom. Even though I am firmly on one side of this issue, it was great to hear characters passionately discuss both sides, while still being civil. It’s one of the things that makes The Good Wife truly special. 

Check back in Sunday night for our review of The Good Wife Season 6 Episode 19 and if you can’t wait, you can watch The Good Wife online right here at TV Fanatic. 

C. Orlando is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow her on Twitter.

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