The Messengers Round Table: The Chosen Ones

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God's plan is taking shape as our heroes were brought together on The Messengers Season 1 Episode 2.

In this week's Round Table discussion, TV Fanatics Jim Garner, Paul Dailly, Ashley Bissette Sumerel, and Amanda Steinmetz will talk about how the show improved from the pilot. They'll also speculate on who the last messenger is and what Vera's gift could be. 

Have your own thoughts or predictions? Jump in on the conversation in the comments section below! 

The Messengers Round Table

What was your favorite quote or scene from the episode?

Jim: I really enjoyed all the messengers arriving in the chapel and then at the bar at the same time without anyone planning it to happen. While it is easy to say "the writers wanted it to happen" it is totally different seeing it action when the acting, editing, and directing come together to feel as natural as it did.

Paul: I agree with Jim. The way they came together may be a little contrived, but it was needed. I like that bringing them together was rather fast and not long drawn out.

Ashley: I liked the moment when everyone saw their wings, particularly since that will help convince Vera there is something more going on here.

Amanda: I enjoyed the scene when everyone met up again in the bar. Vera finally realized there was more going on than she could comprehend. The "Strange Magic" song was a nice touch. 

Vera's gift has yet to be revealed. What do you think hers is?

Jim: Sadly, at least two previews have shown her gift to be some sort of ability to pass through walls and objects (she had a blue glow around her at the time). Though, I suspect it will actually be more of a "guardian" ability to really fit the theme of the rest of the messengers.

Paul: Again, I have to agree with Jim. It would make the most sense to have something like that. She couldn't be a guardian to her son because he was taken from her, so it would be fitting for her to take a guardian role in the grand scheme of things.

Ashley: I honestly have no idea, but it has to be something significant that will probably only be revealed when they need it most – in a time of major crisis.

Amanda: I haven't seen those promos, Jim. The guardian idea is interesting. It would be ironic for her to take on the most spiritual role in the group, since she's the resident skeptic. 

In addition to Rose, we will meet another messenger. Will this person be someone we've met or someone new? Did you like addition of Rose?

Jim: Let me answer the last one first. Yes, I liked the addition of Rose, it gives us the viewer some narration and the messengers some better direction than we had in the first episode (which it dearly needed). Second, my bet is Vera's son is the last messenger. This would explain why Johnny (the Devil) took him 7 years ago at the same time Rose got shot.

Paul: I don't think we've met him yet, though it would be interesting if it was someone we already knew. I liked the addition of Rose. She brought some much-needed guidance for the messengers.

Ashley: Oh! I like Jim's idea that it could be Vera's son. Otherwise, my guess is that it is someone we haven't met. I do like Rose – she doesn't mess around, and she tells it like it is. She's great.

Amanda: I also really like the idea of Vera's son being the final messenger. If it isn't him, my guess is it's someone we have yet to meet. Rose is a great addition! She provides direction and understanding for the rest of the group. 

Rose revealed that the Man is definitely the Devil. Are you happy they went with the obvious route, or should he have been a more mysterious figure?

Jim: Are you trying to say there is nothing mysterious about the Devil? (hehehe) But yes, I'm happy they went the obvious route. It is much easier to get a handle on the story line when the pieces in play are at least somewhat defined.

Paul: I'd have liked if they went a different route to keep us guessing at least a little longer.

Ashley: I think if they were going to reveal it so soon, they should have just revealed it in the pilot episode. That said, I'm glad they didn't keep us guessing all season, then tell us it was the obvious answer all along.

Amanda: A part of me wishes there was a twist, but I'm fine with it. I agree with Ashley that it's good they didn't drag out the obvious. That would have been super annoying. 

Do you think the episode was crafted better than the pilot? Why or why not?

Jim: I think it was much better crafted, I mentioned last week the pilot could have benefited from a two hour premiere and this episode felt a bit like the second half of the pilot as the messengers began learning what their powers were. Also, it felt like the writers took a good step towards being more spiritual (and covering broader subjects from Christian faith) and less "drilled down" into one specific faith. If they can keep that up, I think they will end up with a good show.

Paul: This was leaps and bounds better. To me, it was like a different show and as I commented last week, shows often improve a lot from pilot stage. Heck, even the acting was better. I'm so happy I stuck with it.

Ashley: Yes! I wasn't all that excited to watch this one when I started, but I found myself really intrigued as the episode went on. I think this should could have a lot of interesting possibilities.

Amanda: This was so much better than the pilot. The acting was better and I bought the group's chemistry for the most part. I'm hoping they keep up the quicker pace as the episodes continue. The episode wasn't perfect, but it took a step in the right direction. 

Amanda Steinmetz was a staff writer for TV Fanatic. She went into retirement in June of 2027. Follow her on Twitter.

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