The Originals Round Table: Did Dahlia Live Up To The Hype?

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We've waited for what seems like an eternity to meet Dahlia. Did she deliver with her grand entrance on The Originals Season 2 Episode 18? We're a little divided over here right now. 

Check out what Paul Dailly, Amanda Wolf, Amanda Steinmetz, and Miranda Wicker had to say about Dahlia, those plans to avoid her, and Mikael's newest death now!

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What was your favorite quote or scene from "Night Has A Thousand Eyes"?

Paul: Favorite scene has got to be Dahlia taking over Jackson's body. If there was ever a reason for Klaus to trust him any less...

Amanda: My favorite scene was Dahlia's speech about how she didn't expect Klaus to fight so hard for the people he loves. I also liked Davina pointing out that Klaus has something to lose now. The stakes are different for Klaus these days in fascinating ways. 

Amanda S: My favorite line has to go to Klaus' interaction with Davina. Davina: "It must really suck to have to be you all the time." Klaus: "Well it hasn't been a picnic, honestly."

Miranda: Amanda S, I loooooved Klaus and Davina this week. LOVED. My favorite scene goes to Dahlia and Josephine at the end. Dahlia didn't have to give the old woman the opportunity to play again before taking her life, but she did, which means somewhere inside her she's not all evil.

We finally met Dahlia. What's your reaction?

Paul: It was a letdown. She really wasn't scary and that's quite a shock when you have members like Mikael in the family.

Amanda: I agree she wasn't as scary as I thought she would be, but I might be biased because nothing compares to the build up that it took to finally meet Klaus. The good days of The Vampire Diaries

Amanda S: She didn't have the personality to make me truly frightened of her. She just has seemingly unlimited power. Perhaps it's also because I highly doubt the writers would have Dahlia succeed in taking Hope or killing her. There isn't enough anxiety built up. 

Miranda: I actually enjoyed all of it except the way she used her minions in the church. While I think the introduction of this character is sort of silly for the reason Amanda S. pointed out (that she'll never actually get to take Hope), I appreciate the actor's interpretation and carriage in the role. 

Whose plan was best: Elijah, Freya, Klaus, or Jackson?

Paul: I have to go with Jackson here.

Amanda: Jackson and Klaus are both men of action, if they coordinated it would probably work out a  lot better. Although, it kind of seems like there really isn't a place to hide from Dahlia. What is the bayou to her anyway if she can sense where you are? 

Amanda S: I guess Jackson, but I suspect there's nowhere they could be safe from Dahlia. 

Miranda: I like that Klaus was willing to take action, but if he would loop ANYONE in, he'd be better off. Ask Freya what Dahlia's powers might be. Tell Jackson to get them out of the city with the entire wolf pack fortified with Freya's potion. Don't use magic like Josephine's. Dahlia's supposed to be the most powerful witch ever. There was basically no way that was going to work.

Pen a(nother) eulogy for Mikael Mikaelson.

Paul: Mikael, you die and pop back up. You were one of the worst fathers ever. Please stay dead and send this word to the rest of the deceased world.

Amanda: Every time you graced us with your alive presence you were kind of a let down. At this point you were definitely meant to be killed by Klaus, but at least in this death you won't have to watch for an eternity from the other side. RIP Mikael and don't get any ideas about coming back. 

Amanda S: You were promised as the biggest bad of all once upon a time. You failed to rise to that title every time you made your presence known. You've never been father of the year, and your only explanation for hating your son is that you don't know why. Peace out Mikael. Stay dead this time. 

Miranda: Mikael, not only were you one of the worst fathers to exist on television, you might actually be one of the most despicable human beings for hating a child for no reason at all. We all had such high hopes for you not to suck so bad one day...

How will our merry band of anti-heroes defeat Dahlia?

Paul: I'm thinking Cami will be the one to do it and that she's got some sort of tricks.

Amanda: I predict Hope and her powers might have something to do with it. Then season 3 can be about vampire hybrid-wolf growing pains. 

Amanda S: Not sure, but I like the idea of Hope being even more powerful than Dahlia. That would be a sight to see: the most powerful witch of all time being taken down by a baby. 

Miranda: My money's on Rebekah finding her magic and being the key to stopping it somehow, mostly because I would love for Rebekah to have something to do besides just go along with whatever her brothers tell her to do.

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