The Originals Season 2 Episode 20 Review: City Beneath The Sea

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Well, that didn't last long. We didn't even make it to the end of The Originals Season 2 Episode 20 before Klaus was dagger-free and dangerous. 

This time he's made a deal with the devil. Or he's the devil himself. It's never quite clear with malevolent witches and angry hybrids, you know?

Don't you just hate it when the bad guy knows how to get inside the heads of the other bad guys (literally) in order to say exactly what the anti-hero needs to hear so that they turn into the League of Extraordinary Villains?

I'm a little hyperventilate-y at the idea of Klaus and Dahlia teaming up against Hayley, the wolves, and the remaining Mikaelson siblings, but since that's probably how I'm supposed to feel, all my best to the writers of tonight's episode. Things are definitely getting shaken up at the end of The Originals Season 2 and all I can think about is how amazing Joseph Morgan is when Klaus gets really murderous and angry. 

We know a pack of wolves are no match for Klaus, but now they all have the power of hybrids. And what happens when Mom and Dad go head to head in the fight for their daughter?

(Mom to mom, my money's on Hayley...)

Dahlia knew exactly what to say so that Klaus would make up his mind to join her side. He's been thinking about Hope growing up to think of Jackson as her father since Hayley came to him and said she wanted to marry Jackson to save her pack and hearing the words "Jackson" and "daddy" come out of Dahlia's mouth were exactly the ones to cause Klaus to switch sides in this war.

Hope is probably the first person Klaus has ever truly loved, even if he's only had about one scene with the baby since she was brought on board. He's selfish and stubborn and terrible at telling people how he feels, and I love that the idea of Hope living somewhere else with people whom he doesn't see as her family wrecks him.

It doesn't wreck him enough to stop being selfish and start thinking rationally, but hey, emotions are hard, even for Cami who can't just admit that she has a thing for Klaus which extends beyond friendship. 

It's terrible that Elijah and Rebekah agree that Hope doesn't belong there with them so that she has the chance at a semi-normal life where thousands of years' worth of her father's enemies aren't coming for her, but that doesn't make them wrong. Though let's be real. How many of Klaus' enemies can possibly still be alive?

Klaus and the Mikaelsons cannot give Hope a normal life. Hayley will have a hard enough time doing that among the wolves. But at least among the wolves she's surrounded by family who don't spend millennia daggering and undaggering each other of the slightest infractions.

Hayley chose the wolves and Jackson because it's clear that they're a true family. They forgive each other's faults and stick together. To Hayley, they are the epitome of family above all. The longer she's with Jackson, the more convinced I become that that's where she belongs. 

Part of me really hopes that Klaus is joining forces with Dahlia in order to defeat her from the inside out and that he has no intention of trying to kill Hayley and his siblings, but I just don't think I'm right. Klaus has flipped.

I'm not entirely sure what to make of Dahlia's visit to the past and her attempt at making herself look like the victim. To a certain extent, I suppose she was a victim, of the Vikings and of her sister, but that doesn't make her power-hungry ways right.

BTW, I was wrong last week. I thought perhaps Dahlia wanted family but no, she wants power. She straight up said as much. Props for transparency, oh evil one.

Apparently the firstborn witch in every generation has a crazy amount of power and Dahlia wants it for herself. She gets it by linking herself to the firstborns and teaching them to control their magic. I'm not convinced she's teaching them so much as she's drawing it out of them, effectively throttling them down so their magic isn't so out of control. 

Which brings us around to Freya.

My latest theory on Freya is that she wants all of her power for herself. She doesn't want to protect Hope from suffering the same fate she did. She doesn't care about Hope at all. She just wants Dahlia dead so she has her full power again. 

And speaking of power. Davina's story is getting some meat to it just as we gear up to end the season.

The nine New Orleans covens want Vincent Griffith as their Regent, a position to which he does not aspire. He wants to walk away from his magic and offers Davina the opportunity to become the Regent in his stead. Doing so would give her the power of the nine covens, including the power of necromancy.

It'll be The Originals meets American Horror Story should she choose to accept. And she will. Of course she will. Then we'll learn that she's too young and/or too easily swayed by the power and Vincent will have to step in and take up his magic again.

Yusuf Gatewood is a series regular, after all.

What did you think of "City Beneath the Sea"? Is Klaus really joining forces with Dahlia? Should Hayley have chosen the wolves? The Originals Season 2 Episode 21 airs next Monday night at 8:00 but you can watch The Originals online any time right here at TV Fanatic.

City Beneath the Sea Review

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