The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 20 Review: From Zen to Sin

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The Manila adventure continues on The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 7 Episode 20 but the thing we'll all be talking about is just what's about to go down between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore.

Ms. Twirl has been asking for a sit-down with Queen Parks for two seasons and tonight she's getting her wish. Will these women reach a truce? Let's find out!

The women are heading to Manila in half an hour and Kenya's swimming. Homegirl has no sense of urgency. Or she just wanted to show us her ASSets as she climbed out of the pool. Yeah, that. Minus 12.

Kenya tells Cynthia she got "turned up" at dinner the night before and seems to be making fun of the fact that Cynthia was having fun with Porsha. What's the big deal!? Let the girl have fun!

Claudia gives Kenya props for handling herself well with Phaedra. Time will tell if their conversation goes well. 

Kandi and Phaedra head out of The Farm together and Kandi seems to think things are back to normal between them. Time will tell about that, too. 

After what seems like an entire day of travel, the women are in Manila. Kenya's boobs are about to make an appearance. But there's chocolate and champagne, so nobody's going to care about boobs in a little bit of no time.

While the women are in the Philippines, NeNe and Gregg are having an adventure of their own in New York. She has to be fitted for her costume for Cinderella. The costuming girls get her in the first one and NeNe looks like she can't breathe. 

Gregg and NeNe embarrass the costumers by backing up on her dress. Minus 18

The girls are going horseback riding to the top of a volcano today and it looks like only Kenya is dressed for the occasion. Plus 8.

Porsha and Demetria have a twerk-off on the way to their horse ride and then Phaedra says she's very attracted to little people and wants to go see the little people in the hobbit house. Having little to no knowledge of the Philippines myself I don't know if she's confused and thinking New Zealand or if there's a place in Manila she's actually trying to visit.

Kandi just wants to visit the Red Light District. (Of course she does.)

Kandi says it's great they can all laugh and have a good time together, and it is. Plus 8.

When the costume designer says "twirl" NeNe asks him to say "spin" instead and refuses to turn in a circular motion until he makes his request again saying "spin." God, she's exhausting. I love her, but she's exhausting. Minus 7.

Porsha's dressed in almost nothing at all to go horseback riding. Almost none of these women are prepared for this and Phaedra loses about a million points for her fanny pack. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, whoever. I don't care. It's a fanny pack. Minus 18.

Halfway up the volcano, someone appears on the trail to sell the women ponchos since it starts raining. 

NeNe starts crying when the costume designer for Cinderella tells her she has nothing to be scared of. She's ready. She's got this. I might have gotten a little emotional for her too. She really has come from rags to riches. 

The women have finally arrived at the top of the volcano and Porsha in her bikini poses atop the mountain. Then the women take turns hitting golf balls into the crater lake since it's a tradition for the mountain's visitors. 

Coming down the mountain, Phaedra learns that her mountain guide has recently suffered the loss of her husband. He died leaving her a single mother to their five children. Phaedra puts a wad of cash in the woman's hand and wins. Plus 20.

It's time for the women to go shopping! They're showered and dressed and ready to eat. But their first stop is at a fruit stand that sells durian.

"Durian smells like old dirty drawers and old onions." --Phaedra Parks. Yep. That about sums it up. 

Porsha's looking for Tom Ford and Gucci but the only place they're stopping is...not those places. Porsha's several-thousand dollar purse is probably happy. 

While Phaedra gets ready for dinner, she calls Apostle Thad to talk about how to speak wisely to Kenya during their sitdown, which Kenya plans for their last night in Manila. He tells her not to argue but to agree with her adversaries quickly. I'm not sure that makes the most sense, but I'm willing to see it out.

Claudia's plan for their night is a pajama party. Porsha brings a YSL purse to the pajama party. She's also one of the only ones who showed up in pajamas even if her pajamas are a little more lingerie than sleepwear. 

Demetria shows up looking cute in a night shirt. Then the girls all make Dante, their butler, blush a million times over. 

Kenya and Phaedra are missing from the pajama party and Claudia says they've taken the time to have their pow-wow. She's hopeful there will be apologies, as is Cynthia, but Kandi doesn't think that's going to happen. She actually seems pretty adamant that it isn't.

Kenya starts the conversation by letting Phaedra start and Phaedra starts by taking a long drink of water. She says she's been in a place of being angry. She and Kenya had really started out as friends and then things went south for them when Apollo and all that mess got in the middle of it. 

Phaedra says she's ready to move forward. Plus 6.

In the suite, the rest of the women decide to re-enact what they think is happening with Porsha playing the part of Kenya and Kandi playing the part of Phaedra. It might be the best part of the night. Plus 5.

Kenya responds to Phaedra by saying that the biggest blow of everything, including the fact that Phaedra wouldn't talk to her, was that all Phaedra did was call her a whore, every kind of whore. Kenya starts to cry and says she was left to believe that all Phaedra wanted to do was destroy her. 

Pheadra says that when it got bad, it got real bad. She wasn't trying to defame Kenya and she sincerely apologizes. Kenya just wants Phaedra to know that what she's said about Apollo this entire time is the truth. She's never tried to have sex with him. 

Phaedra starts to cry and says she made a decision to stand by her husband and what he said and now that they're not together anymore, she can't take it all back. She's not sure what she believes but she can't rewrite the past. 

Kenya says that's not good enough. She appreciates the clean slate, but if Phaedra doesn't believe her, to Kenya that means Phaedra still thinks she's a whore. Does that even make sense? I've had too much Sauv Blanc to think straight. 

They decide to move forward together and pray it out. Plus 20

While Kenya and Phaedra are on the way to join the rest of the girls, Claudia starts a rousing game of Never Have I Ever. Demetria's the only one who never had a girl-on-girl experience. 

Kandi asks how their conversation went and Phaedra says if she was meant to hear it she would've been there. But nicer than that. It was kind of funny. 

Claudia's a little hungover from their last night in Manila where they all went out on the town and had a crazy night. Kandi toasts with bread to the fact that they all had such a good time together. Claudia brings up whether or not anyone has spoken to NeNe and Porsha says yes, she did. 

She talked to NeNe and told her the trip was going well and NeNe was glad for that and then Porsha says that she thinks if NeNe had been there she would've fallen in line with the rest of the group. No one believes that. Not a soul.

Hey, they had fun. No one's weave got yanked. It's all good in Atlanta. Until next week when NeNe gets back into the mix.


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From Zen to Sin Review

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