The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 Episode 2 Review: New House, Old Grudges

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It’s brunch, bitches! They take that seriously in the Hamptons as we found out in The Real Housewives of New York City Season 7 Episode 2. We recap the invites, the apologies and Ramona falling off the rails in our +/- review. 

Brunch invites are serious business in the Hamptons as Bethenny Frankel may well never forget. Who knew that something as benign as an invitation to the breakfast/lunch combo would send Ramona Singer flying off the rails but we’ll admit it was fun to watch? Plus 23.

Let’s start from the beginning…

Everyone was headed to the Hamptons to check out LuAnn’s new digs. Her new summer home is much smaller, no tennis courts or swimming pool here but it’s still beautiful both inside and out. Plus 30. If this is moving on, it looks good on LuAnn. 

Carole and Heather were a hoot as they drove out from the city discussing if anyone actually dies naked but Ladies, please put those seatbelts on! Minus 15

Carole’s antennae went up the moment she laid eyes on LuAnn’s personal chef, Adam. Carole says she’s always attracted to very attractive men. Well, duh…what’s not to like? Adam was young, hot, and he can cook. Plus 35

He even had Carole helping out in the kitchen and this is a woman who converted her own kitchen into an office because she’s the queen of takeout! 

Kristen barely seemed to have any screen time but I have to say she’s looking gorgeous this season so plus 21.

Elsewhere, Sonja stormed into Ramona’s Hampton’s home and I loved Dorinda’s description of Ms Morgan in this The Real Housewives of New York City quote

(about Sonja) She's Mary Poppins meets Zsa Zsa Gabor.


Sonja couldn’t stop talking…from gay boyfriends to healing hands she was a real whirlwind. She even brought her own beer to the party by carrying it in her purse. So much for Pinot!

Speaking of Pinot, even Ramona’s indulging in beer these days. How things have changed. So much so that she found LuAnn and offered the Countess a heartfelt apology for all of those nasty things she said when LuAnn’s husband left her. 

Plus 18 to LuAnn. At first I thought her forgive but never forget attitude was harsh but she’s right, Ramona’s said a lot of things that shouldn’t be forgotten. As we soon found out, some things may not have changed. As a matter of fact they may have gotten worse. 

Bethenny finally made it to the party but she was hesitant. She hadn’t seen most of these women in quite a while. Do they like her? Do they hate her? Bethenny didn’t have a clue but she was about to find out. 

Bethenny’s fatal mistake was inviting Sonja Morgan to brunch. You’d think she was inviting Ramona’s boyfriend to bed the way Ms.Singer reacted but perhaps that’s the problem. With Mario screwing God knows who and Ramona’s marriage publicly disintegrating, maybe it was all just too much for Ramona. 

Was a brunch invitation really the last straw? Or was it simply a fight between two alpha dogs in this pack of overly primped poodles? 

Minus 50 because Ramona really did look as though she was losing it as she spoke to Bethenny as though she was the one who had gone crazy. I couldn’t blame Bethenny for making a hasty retreat but one lesson was learned. Don’t mess with brunch in the Hamptons. 

Episode total = +62!  Season total = +79!

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New House, Old Grudges Review

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