The Vampire Diaries Clips: Who Gets Abducted? Who Feels Alone?

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Alaric and Stefan are about to be in two very different place.

OnĀ The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 20, the former will celebrate his bachelor party just a few days prior to marrying Jo.

In the first of two clips from "I'd Leave My Happy Home for You," we see everyone's favorite college professor speaking to his fiancee before having a bag thrown over his head.

Is Alaric in trouble? Or is he about to be taken to a crazy shindig, surrounded by friends, loved ones and maybe a few strippers? Decide for yourself now:

Stefan, conversely, is feeling pretty alone these days.

In the second clip from tonight's installment, he isn't in a partying mood. He's trying to track down Caroline instead because he needs a friend... only for the exact opposite of a friend to show up.

What does Enzo want from Stefan? Check out this sneak peek and find out:

Only three episodes remain in The Vampire Diaries Season 6.

Will Damon and Elena really take The Cure before the latter says goodbye (in some way) on the May 14 finale?

Cycle through photos from the upcoming episode and let the countdown begin:

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