What We're Watching: Game of Thrones is Coming!

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It's not about the quantity, it's about the quality!

There might be a lack of good TV on at the moment, but we do have some excellent shows on the air this week that will tide you over until all of our favorites are back.

This week, Game Of Thrones (finally!) returns. We can't wait to get our fix of Westeros, can you?

What else is on this can't miss list? Here's what we're watching at TV Fanatic.

This Looks Serious - Game of Thrones

The Originals kicks off the week with the debut of the big villain, Dahlia. Will she be as bad as she's been made out to be, or will be hit with some more twists in the tale?

Netflix also uncorks the full first season of Daredevil on Friday. Will this new take on the story live up to the tremendous hype?

Chicago Fire also airs it's biggest episode to date, which will feature the backdoor pilot of Chicago Med. You know you won't want to miss this one!

Is anything missing from our list? Hit the comments with what you're watching.

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Game of Thrones Quotes

Gendry: Don't you have something better to do?
Arya: You made my weapon yet?
Gendry: Just as soon as I'm done making a few thousand of these.
Arya: You should make mine first and make sure it's stronger than this.
Gendry: It's strong enough.

Jon: All the best swords have names you know.
Arya: Sansa can have her sewing needles. I have a Needle of my own.