Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Ginger Bread

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It appears Russ will never change.

In Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 9 Russ was still trying to best the FBI at their own game and stubbornly holding onto his mantra that he's somehow respecting Holly by not asking her out. 

In a move that surprises no one, I have some things to say about Russ' behavior, in addition to all of the other fun things about "Ginger Bread."

First up, the case was very enjoyable this week, it even felt like we were watching the gang from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Have we ever had the entire team working the same case before? Learning about Font's affinity for faces was interesting. When the Commander told him to take a day to look into it, at first it appeared as if she was kidding until she used her cousin at a Kiss concert as a reference point. Those things stay with you.

It was hard watching everyone break their posts and head inside the German sausage shop. Wouldn't it have been wise for at least one of the detectives to remain outside to ensure all of them weren't locked inside the freezer? Things like that were driving me nuts.

The same thing happened again three (all who were there) tramped into Spade's house. Wouldn't one have waited outside for backup and just in case either, a) Spade wasn't inside and drove up in another vehicle, or b) he ran out an exit and someone needed to be on the lookout for him? I've never seen detectives move in a hive before.

I suppose it was fortunate, because if Jacocks had stayed outside, for example, Font and Funk would have been blown up, never thinking of the IRA and how they timed their bombs. And, wow, how freaky was it when Font turned around with a piece of the pipe bomb in his head?!

Russ' reaction to Font's injury was totally in form. He gets so emotional over his coworkers and is so utterly invested in the job. He's practically an open book despite his best efforts to hide himself from everyone. 

The only person who seems unable to see a specific feeling from him is Holly. It's understandable to miss the obvious when you're into someone, because you want them feel like you do and when they don't make a move, you assume the worst. But Holly knows so much more about Russ that she should have an inkling about how he operates (such that he really doesn't operate).

Once Font's wife told her Font thinks Russ is in love with Holly, Holly should have thought about taking her own advice. She essentially told Russ you only live once and need to take a chance. Why isn't she doing it then, with the person she cares about? It's not the dude taking her on the cruise, that's for sure.

At this point, she has pretty good evidence that Russ cares for her, but he's afraid to show it. She knows how confident he is in so many aspects of his life and she can read people very well – well enough to know he's not acting confidently around her. So, if she cares about him, then she needs to do what he won't and take the first step. 

Russ' misguided sense of respect for Holly is keeping him from doing what will make them both happy. Something has to give. Let's hope Holly has enough guts for the both of them.

Kudos to Milt for trying his best to get Russ to face his fears. It didn't work out, but you can't help but love him for trying.

What did you think? Was this a good use of the entire team on one case instead of attempting a B-story? Are you ready for Russ to bite the bullet? Should Holly make the call for the both of them? Hit the comments! 

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Ginger Bread Review

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