Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 22 Review: Category 5

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Will Casey be caught?

That's the main question on all of our minds after Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 22, which found him going undercover in order to take down Jack and his band of criminals.

Yes, Casey is working with Voight. There's no denying that these two have had a strained relationship and if Dawson wasn't so pushy, he probably wouldn't have taken Voight up on his offer.

We finally got closer to the truth about what the crooks are up to. They are trafficking Europeans over the Canadian border. This came as a shock as I was sure it was all going to be drugs related.

We were left with a frustrating cliffhanger in that Casey's phone was taken from him to be checked and we don't quite know the outcome of that check.

Casey: You got thirty seconds.
Voight: Listen, your buddy over at the strip club -- Jack Nesbitt is into some hard stuff. We need a guy on the inside. I think that could be you.

Will he manage to wriggle out of this one, or will the PD have to come to his rescue?

Casey: What's this?
Jack: Sorry, it's standard procedure.

The Dawsey scenes this evening were good. These two are developing a lot more as characters while being single. It appears that a reunion could be on the cards soon. I was half expecting them to get hot and heavy in the changing room.

Otis' hatred for Rice has officially caused a divide in Firehouse 51. I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm surprised that Otis has let this continue. Throughout the three season run, he hasn't exactly ruffled feathers in the workplace, but it looks like he is going to continue it.

It was great to see him stick up for himself to Severide, who is most certainly clouding his judgment of Rice and for that, I can't blame him. Anyone would be the same in his situation. How do ask your friend if he has been flaking on emergencies? Well, Severide had to go that route and it wasn't pretty,

The bust up in Molly's between Severide and Otis ruined Chili's pitch for funding for Chilleeze. The poor woman was probably nervous asking people she barely knows for money. I know I would. Chili really believes in her product and she has put a lot of work into it, so it would be good for her character development if she found a way to get it on sale ASAP.

If she does reign supreme with it, Herrmann deserves a BIG thank you. I'm still not over the shine he took to her on Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 21. I wonder how Chili would be getting on now if both Brett and Herrmann didn't help her out. Would she have quit? Possibly.

We had a category 5, y'all. There was no shortage of people in life threatening situations, but the scene with the car gave me the chills. It could just have easily mowed down all of our characters in an instant. Good job Severide was on the ball and quick to react or we could have been writing another eulogy.

Looking ahead, we have the Chicago Fire Season 3 finale next week which looks like another fatal closer. The promo clearly implies that not everyone will make it out of the episode and shows Dawson in danger. There's no way Dawson is dying, especially given the focus on her in the promo. Who might not make it?

"Category 5" was a solid, if unspectacular outing for the show. It was a great set up for the season finale and I can't wait to see how it ends, but if another female from the Chicago universe meets their maker, then there'll be hell to pay.

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What did you think of the episode? How do you feel about another character potentially not surviving the finale? Will Dawsey officially reunite next week? Hit the comments below with your observations.

Note: Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 24 airs Tuesday May 12 at 10/9c on NBC.

Category 5 Review

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