Days of Our Lives Recap: Melanie Leaves Salem?

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Jennifer confessed all to Paige, Justin took on a new job in Salem and Theresa used Tate to get rid of Melanie this week on Days of Our Lives. 

The custody battle for baby Tate has already heated up as Kimberly roared back in to town and the Kiriakis / Donovan feud has been reborn. 

For those who may not recall, years ago, ISA agent Shane had Kim use her friendship with Victor to try and gain information about his illegal activities but with Shane’s life on the line, Kim slept with Victor to save him. From there things turned even uglier as Kim turned out to be pregnant and didn’t know which man was the father (it turned out to be Shane’s.)  Kim also found out her mother had once had an affair with Victor and feared he could be her father (turned out Victor was her brother, Bo’s biological Dad.)

So to say their history is complicated is an extreme understatement. Watching Kim and Victor square off after all of these years was fun. Kim was horrified at the thought her grandchild being raised in the Kiriakis mansion but Victor was quick to put her in her place in this Days of Our Lives quote

Because you and Shane did such a fabulous job with your own kids.


I only hope they continue this trip down memory lane. Brady is obviously clueless about his grandfather’s history with Kim. Does Maggie know? How about Theresa?

Theresa may love her child but she’s certainly not above using him to shove Melanie out of Brady’s life…and it just may work as mopey Melanie doesn’t want Tate to have a horrible childhood much like hers. Will she head back to Europe? Could it really be that easy?

Victor had more than Kimberly to deal with. He yanked Justin’s leash when he tried to run back to Dubai and Elsa. I don’t think that Victor really cares about Justin’s marriage but he does realize that Sonny could use his Dad around. Now we’ll see if proximity means a reconciliation for Justin and Adrienne. 

One of the best moments of the week was Lucas calling his mother out when she berated him about dating a married woman…

Have you never shacked up with a married man, really? Isn't that the whole reason I'm here?


Elsewhere Jennifer confessed all to Paige about pushing her and JJ back together. It was nice to see that Paige has grown some backbone but I’ll still be happier when she heads off to California. And JJ’s plan to win her back once again is simply delusional. 

Xander bordered on homicidal which made Serena grow a conscience. The problem is that I’ve grown to despise this entire story line so much that I wouldn’t care if Xander did kill Nicole, if only it would make it end…and I’ve always liked Nicole. That’s how bad this has gotten.

Abigail took another step closer to Chad and drifted further away from Ben. I wonder if this will eventually put her on Clyde’s hit list…or is threatening children now his speciality?

But tell me TV Fanatics, do you hope Melanie stays in Salem?

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