Days of Our Lives Scoop: Guy Wilson on Saving WilSon, Clyde Weston Danger Ahead

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Danger, Will Horton! Danger!

Our young journalism superstar may be finding himself in hot water soon for his new assignment to investigate one of Salem's dastardly resident, Clyde Weston, on Days of Our Lives.

But Will's ambitions may be stronger than common sense, as we've already seen when he put previous writing duties above his marriage to Sonny. 

And what about his marriage? Will has been working hard to do everything and anything to save his union - but, as actor Guy Wilson told me on the set of the recent Daytime Emmy-winning show, his actions may push Sonny further away or into the arms of Sonny's former lover, Paul.

Wilson also talked about how Will's grandmother, Marlena, usually someone he can lean on, is now involved  in the situation with his marriage crumbling since her husband, John, has been revealed to be the father of Paul. 

Let's see what else the actor had to say and what we expect to see in the coming weeks.

Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check local listings for air times in your area.

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