Grey's Anatomy Round Table: Why Didn't Meredith Call Amelia?

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In the midst of a major catastrophe on Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 23, Amelia confronted Meredith with a question we've all been asking.

Why didn't Meredith call her?

Meanwhile, there's trouble for Jo and Alex, and major changes for the other doctors.

Join TV Fanatics Stacy Glanzman, Amanda Steinmetz, Mary Kate VenedamĀ and Ashley Bissette Sumerel for a discussion of "Time Stops."

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Amelia confronted Meredith about not calling her before she pulled the plug on Derek. What did you think of that scene?

Stacy: I completely agree with Amelia. Meredith should have called her. It doesn't matter if there was nothing she could have done, she needed to see that for herself and there's no rush to pull someone off of life support. People wait for family members to fly in and say their goodbyes. They left Mark on it for thirty days because that's what he wanted. Meredith could have waited for Amelia.

Amanda: I agree with Amelia as well. I don't really think she could have done anything, but she should have been given the courtesy to say goodbye to her brother. I get that Meredith probably wasn't thinking about that, but that's the point. I think Meredith broke down after Amelia yelled at her partly because she knew Amelia was right, but also because it brought her back to that headspace she'd been trying to get past.

Mary Kate: I agree with everyone. The scene had to be done. When Derek died, the one thing I kept thinking about was why wasn't Amelia informed? It wasn't fair that Meredith left her out, she should have known how important it was for Amelia to be there. I think Meredith has always been on her own that it she didn't really think about the other important people in Derek's life.

Ashley: I definitely agree that Amelia is right on this one, and Meredith knows it. Like Mary Kate, I'm glad we got this scene to at least address that Meredith didn't call anyone. Overall, it was a heartbreaking scene that they both played really well.

Who should be the next chief of surgery?

Stacy: I think Bailey would be a good chief, but I'll always think of Webber as the chief. It doesn't matter if it's Derek, Owen, Bailey, etc, in my mind it will always be him as long as he's on the show.

Amanda: Bailey would be awesome. Frankly, I don't know who else I would pick.

Mary Kate: Bailey. There isn't anyone else left that would make a good chief. She has many of the same qualities that made Richard a good chief. She'd be great.

Ashley: I also think it should be Bailey. She thrives as a leader, and that's a role we really haven't seen her in in a while. I always liked her best when she was mentoring her interns or later when she was finally chief resident. I think we need to see her in a role like that again. Plus, she deserves it. I do agree with Stacy, though. I still find it hard to refer to Richard as "Richard" and not "Chief."

What do you think about the change in April's character?

Stacy: I have never been a fan of April, but she's getting better. I liked her in this episode and that ending with her showing up on the car was a powerful moment.

Amanda: It's been an interesting evolution to watch. I like how strong and no nonsense she's become, but I'm sad it's causing such a rift between her and Jackson.

Mary Kate: I grew to love April sometime after the shooting episode. I like how she is not the uptight person she once was. I like how she is taking charge in her life now, but I don't think it's fair to leave Jackson behind after everything they've been through.

Ashley: I love it. I also didn't care for April at the start, but I love the way she's changed this season. That ending with her on the car? Amazing.

What are your expectations for Jo and Alex moving forward?

Stacy: I've never really "shipped" them like I know a lot of people have, but I don't dislike Jo or anything. I love Alex and want him to be happy, but I could take Jo or leave her. A year has passed and they don't seem to have gotten any further in their relationship, so it makes sense for them to be questioning where it's going.

Amanda: I, on the other hand, have shipped them from the beginning. I'm really not liking where this is going. There has been such a lack of screen time for Alex and Jo as a couple this season that I would be disappointed to see their relationship end so abruptly. I know there are people out there thinking the show is going to eventually push Alex with Meredith, and I REALLY hope that doesn't happen. They are better off as friends. What happened to the Alex that told Meredith he was going to marry Jo earlier this season in episode 11?

Mary Kate: I love their relationship. I don't like that this episode was pretty much a breaking point for every couple. There has been plenty of other losses this season, we don't need anymore. I hope Jo and Alex can come to an understanding about everything. I'm with Amanda, no to Alex and Meredith.

Ashley: I'm also not a Jolex shipper, but I do agree with Amanda about him telling Meredith he was going to marry Jo. He should get his happy ending after all he's been through. And I really hope they don't go there with Meredith and Alex. That would be just... wrong.

Did you have a favorite quote or scene from "Time Stops?"

Stacy: I'd probably have to go with the end. I was wondering ever since the other doctors got back what was going to happen with that guy and I can't say I was expecting April to show up with the whole car. That was a pretty brilliant move.

Amanda: I agree with the ending scene. April looked so in control, and I'm interested to see how and if they can save that guy.

Mary Kate: I loved the scene with Meredith and Amelia. It was something that I was expecting earlier with Derek's death and I'm glad it happened. Kudos to Caterina Scorsone (again) for killing her emotional scenes. She's the one who has really broken through with her post-Derek scenes.

Ashley: For me it was the arrival of the new interns, complete with that same song (only re-done), Richard giving his speech, and the flashbacks.

What did you think of this episode of Grey's Anatomy? Should Bailey be the next chief, and what are your expectations for Jo and Alex? Share your answers to our questions in the comments below!

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