Grey's Anatomy: Watch Season 11 Episode 24 Online

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It's been an emotional few weeks for Grey's Anatomy Fanatics. That much is for sure.

First, McDreamy died. Then, the show actually jumped ahead a year, angering many fans by mostly glossing over Derek's death and then just giving Meredith a baby.

So, how did Shonda Rhimes and company follow up these crazy, tragic, emotional events on Grey's Anatomy 11 Episode 24?

What else could possibly happen before the doctors went away for the summer?

We aren't saying much at the moment, but rest assured that Shonda came through with another unexpected season finale.

Click on the above video and follow its prompts to watch Grey's Anatomy online and see what actually went down.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 24 Quotes

Richard: I am not crying wolf
Bailey: Sir?
Richard: I do not make decisions lightly. And I don't bow to dictators. Miranda Bailey, you will be Grey Sloan Memorial's next chief of surgery. Congratulations.
Bailey: Thank you?

I like this Kepner. I never thought I would like Kepner. You know, old Kepner -- there was pigtails, bunny rabbits, and smiling. Lots of smiling. But Kepner the reboot, Kepner 2.0, she's crazy. She's fierce. She's womaned up. Thank you, United States Army.