Grimm Round Table: A Head in a Box is Worth Two in the Hand?

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First, a moment of silence for the various television series that got axed as brutally as Kelly Burkhardt did at the end of Grimm Season 4 Episode 21.

Happily, Grimm was not one of them! It scored a renewal for a fifth season of monster-hunting and mayhem from NBC.

Fine, fine, strictly speaking, Kelly was not axed. But she did get killed off rather suddenly (and violently). But that's not all that happened in "Headache," the penultimate episode of Grimm Season 4.

Join TV Fanatic Round Table panelists Doug Wolfe, Allison Nichols, Robin Harry and Kathleen Wiedel as they discuss Kelly's murder, Renard's possession, the fate of a relationship and more! 

Grimm Round Table 1-27-15

Comment on the revelation that Renard was possessed by the spirit of Jack the Ripper. Did this work for you?

Doug: Once it was all explained by Adalind it finally made sense. Up until now (well, up until last week for some of us) there wasn’t a whole lot about what he was going through that seemed logical or fit into any pattern that any of us could see. I’ll admit: I was getting frustrated by the whole thing. This episode finally brought some relief. I liked how Renard physically transformed himself, just a bit, to look like someone completely different. Great acting work on the part of Sasha Roiz.

Allison: I felt like Monroe reading from the Grimm book in the previous episode kind of explained the whole possession thing, or at least mentioned that the soldier seemed to be possessed by the devil. I was just super frustrated it took Nick and Hank forever to get to that conclusion. Honestly, I'm just happy this whole Renard side storyline is over. It wasn't really working for me. It was confusing.

Robin: A few of us saw this coming last week, so it wasn't surprising to me at all. Like Allison, I was surprised at how long it took Nick and Hank to come to that conclusion given the information we already had. I didn't mind the story, but that arc took way too long, and still didn't feel like it fit in with everything else that was going on. That said, Sasha Roiz was fantastic in the role, and I loved how he made Jack and Sean seem like completely different people.

Kathleen: I think you all pretty much summed up my feelings on this story. It dragged out over the course of the season, with basically no clues or hints of information until these last two episodes, and that's frustrating to me as a viewer. I do agree with Doug and Robin that Sasha Roiz did an amazing job with Jack, totally creating a different character inside of Renard. If only we didn't take so long to get there!

By setting up Kelly Burkhardt for death, Juliette is responsible for the murder of Nick's mother. Do you see any hope for Juliette and Nick now?

Doug: I see absolutely no hope for her. None whatsoever. After Nick nearly shot Monroe, most everyone decided she needed to be taken down, yet Nick was all “Juliette’s out of control”. Ya think?!? It wasn’t until we all saw that head in the box that Nick finally got into the game. I fully expect him and Juliette to have a knock-down drag-em-out fight to the death at this point. If the finale just has her sadly walking off into the sunset, I’m not going to be too happy…

Allison: She can't come back from that. There's absolutely no way anyone will forgive her. If she somehow redeems herself by helping Diana escape, maybe Juliette will be allowed to live, maybe. I'm betting on her dying in the finale.

Robin: In the words of Avatar's Iroh: "She's crazy and she needs to go down." She stood there and listened as Nick's mother was killed, and I don't care how remorseful or contrite or penitent she gets, she needs to go. That said, I'm not convinced they'll kill her off. She'll probably get a change of heart at the end, save Diana, realize there's no redemption, say her goodbyes and wind up in Austria dismantling the royals.

Kathleen: Yeah, I agree with all of you that there's no rational way to repair their relationship now. It's gone way too far, and remorse can't bring Kelly Burkhardt back to life. I'd sooner expect Nick to chop Juliette's head off at this point than have a heart-to-heart.

Nick barely has time to react to the discovery of his mother's head in a cardboard box at the end of the episode. How will his mother's murder affect him on a personal level and perhaps cause ripple effects on a larger field?

Doug: We’re going to see the full Grimm fury come out for display, complete with his new powers. Up until now he’s been using his powers judiciously, in the performance of his police duties. Now that it’s personal, I hope we’ll see all constraints gone.

Allison: I found his immediate reaction to his mom's death completely heartbreaking. He's going on a warpath. I'm predicting that the rest of the team will have to try to restrain Nick a little because he is going to be in full Grimm mode without a trace of his cop self.

Robin: Heads will roll – literally. I want him to go all zombie Grimm and just annihilate everyone in his path, including Juliette and Kenneth (as much as I love to hate him). I seriously hope no one restrains him or gets in his way.

Kathleen: I agree with all of you. Nick is in denial at the moment, with his heartbreaking cries at the end of the episode. What's the second stage of grief? Oh, yeah: anger! And, boy oh boy, I don't want to be the person standing in his path. Juliette and Kenneth better watch out! Robin hits the nail on the head (heh): there will be no shortage of rolling heads...

How do you see things playing out now that the Royals have Diana?

Doug: My guess is that once Nick is done with Juliette, he won’t be a bystander in the affairs of the Royals. My guess is that he’ll form an uneasy partnership with Adalind and take them down. Maybe the whole of next season can be devoted to that. Who knows.

Allison: I'm with Doug. Nick is going to be much more proactive in trying to take down the Royals instead of mostly ignoring the fact that they exist. He might be looking for more of a fight now, since they killed his mom.

Robin: I see Diana wreaking a little havoc of her own, special child that she is. The Royals don't know that she has powers, and we don't know what Mama Grimm taught her, but I'm guessing they'll have their hands full with her.

Kathleen: Well, the Royals may have Diana at the moment, but they aren't back in Vienna yet! Perhaps Nick and his team may launch a rescue mission while the Royals are still within reach. And even if the Royals get back to Vienna, Renard isn't without resources in Europe, and he's definitely motivated in this matter! And I like Robin's suggestion: Diana isn't exactly helpless, as she demonstrated while on the run with Adalind in Europe last season.

Pick a line or scene that stuck out for you.

Doug: The sudden and absolute silence when Nick opened the lid of that box was powerful. The silence was so complete it reminded me of the blackout last scene of “The Sopranos”. The intensity was so great, you had to know that Nick’s world had completely changed.

Allison: Adalind's immediate reaction to Nick being in her room. She thought he was going to kill her. I really hope to see more Adalind and Team Grimm working together next season.

Robin: Trubel's decapitation of the hundjager. Dude didn't even have time to finish woging, she just took him out and kicked his head away. Gosh, I've missed her.

Kathleen: Doug already mentioned my favorite moment of the episode, so I'll share my second favorite: Jack madly driving the cop car with Wu in the back. Sasha Roiz was fantastically crazy evil in that scene, and Reggie Lee was great with his expression of helplessness and terror.

What, if anything, did not work about this episode?

Doug: Is Adalind’s child a miracle baby or what? Will she be 14 years old next week? Come on! Some explanation is in order here. Do all Wesen mature that quickly?

Allison: I'm mainly annoyed at how long it took Nick and Hank to figure out the Renard situation. Also this problem was solved really quickly. After all this build up, it didn't even take five minutes to cure Renard. It was anti-climactic.

Robin: I agree with Allison regarding the resolution of Renard's story. When the little puff came out of his mouth, I actually said, "That's it?!?" There was too much buildup for too little payoff. Unless you count his shirtless scenes as payoff. Then it was all worth it.

Kathleen: I felt that the way they killed off Kelly Burkhardt (off-screen!) was poorly executed; given the incredible impact Kelly had in the show, it seemed cheap to end her like that. Maybe they couldn't get Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio to film a swan song scene; whatever their reasoning, it just didn't work for me.

Hang onto your hats, folks, because there's just one more episode this season!

Grimm Season 4 Episode 22,"Cry Havoc," is scheduled to air on Friday, May 15 at 8/7c on NBC!

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