Mad Men Series Finale Promo: Do You Remember?

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The series finale of Mad Men is only days away.

As such, AMC has released a promo to set to Paul Anka's TheTimes of Your Life featuring the ever stoic Don Draper remembering the times of his life. 

Watching Sally grow up, seeing Betty when she and Don were happy together and glimpses of all of the wonderful friendships Don shared over the years serve as reminders of how truly magnificent Mad Men can be. 

If your eyes are dry at the end of the montage, well, you're the only one, as even Don gets can't staunch the waterworks during this one.

Take a look at some of Don's greatest moments. It's been postulated that the finale would all come down to Don, and this certainly indicates that will be the case. And that we're going to need a lot of Kleenex (No, not tissues, it's advertising, baby!).

If you have missed any of the final season, you can watch Mad Men online via TV Fanatic.

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