Reign Season 2 Episode 22 Review: Burn

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Hark! What is that sound I hear? Could it be the cheers and tears of Frary fans in the kingdom? It twould seem that Reign Season 2 Episode 22 has reset the show for season 3. May I get an amen? Amen! 

While I can't be so forgiving as to say the finale made up for the uneven, mostly crummy season, I can say it ended on a high note and put hope in my heart for the fall.

There was a lot to love here and a few things to loathe. I don't know about you, but I always want bad news first so I can end on a high note.


This part is quick and easy. It's a dumb-bunny sandwich with Delphine on one end, Kenna on the other and Bash as the meathead in the middle. Sigh.

What is going on with this chick, Delphine? She's clearly lying through her teeth. And for someone who claims she's not a witch, but a woman who's unfairly accused, she not doing a darn thing to be cautious in her endeavors. It's like she wants to be caught. And who's the man lurking in the shadows of her room, of the secret tunnels?   

Kenna currently holds the number one spot on my season 3 kill list. It was bad enough that she tried to trick Bash into raising a baby that wasn't his. Reprehensible. But Mary finds a couple to care for her and then adopt her newborn and what does she do on the voyage there? She flirts with a baby king!

The whole thing made me throw up a bit in my mouth.

By all means, be pen pals with a little boy who likes boats the same way my son liked Thomas the Tank Engine and then once you've had your baby in the winter go find him because he'll be a man soon enough. 'Cause 9 months are going to mature the King of Imereti so much he's bound to have a chest hair or two by then. And, by the way, thanks so much for letting me bring my "sister's" baby. 

Cold passion mixed with your warm blood was to bind you to me. My spirit is inside you as yours is inside mine.


Then there's Bash who's getting lucky left and right, which might explain what's he's thinking with. Get a clue, buddy.


Catherine getting exiled! Stripped of her title, income and home. What will she do, where will she go? Maybe Greer's? Kidding. I love that she went balls to the wall and proposed a deal to Elizabeth. How will they collaborate? I suspect as merciful as Francis is he won't keep his mother indefinitely locked out. 

I've come to offer you something. The destruction of our mutual enemy, Mary Queen of Scots.


We only got Elizabeth for a second, but what a saucy second it was. I want more! 

Common lore is that your teeth are filed into points and your eyes are black with rage.


Frary is back! This one is a little mixed for me though. Much as I wanted this (and I so wanted this) their reunion seemed rushed and I would really like to have heard Mary tell Francis why she finally came to her senses.

It would've been nice to see them slowly falling back in love again. Not that I wanted it dragged out necessarily, but it just seemed like a quick about face. That said, hearing Francis say he's dying was heartwrenching so I'll take them as long as I can. 

Final thoughts:

The performances across the board tonight were stellar and riveting.

Toby Regbo shredded me. He was magnificent in every scene, vacillating between triumph, rage, devastation and tenderness with masterful ease. It's impossible to take your eyes from him and he elevates the performances of his counterparts. One plus I can imagine from Francis' eventual death would be seeing Regbo's career take off as it deserves to do.

Kudos also need to go to Adelaide Kane and Sean Teale as they demonstrated great emotional depth and impact. And Megan Follows is just as flawless as ever. I can't wait to see where next season takes her. 

If you missed the thrilling season 2 finale you can watch Reign online.

What did you think of the finale? Think Conde will be back? Will Elizabeth and Catherine form an unholy alliance? Did the Mother Queen go too far by kidnapping baby John? Will Bash grow a brain and break his spiritual bond with Delphine? Drop your predictions for season 3 below. 

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Reign Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

You crushed the rebellion by yourself.


If we die, it is at her hands. And if we live I will never forgive her for this.