Revenge Round Table: A Fitting End?

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Victoria died…again! David died. Jack was in the hospital, Emily got shot. There was even a wedding.

Could they have fit anything more into the one hour on Revenge Season 4 Episode 23?

Below, TV Fanatics Miranda Wicker, Ashley Bissette Summered and Christine Orlando are joined by Laura from Revenge Agenda to debate who they’d bring back from the dead, the wedding dress and whether Victoria’s demise was a fitting end in “Two Graves."

Conrad, Daniel, Victoria, Declan, the real Emily, Aiden, Ben, and David all ended up dead. If you could, is there any one of them that you’d bring back?

Laura: Not sure I would bring back any of them. They all played their part in the story of Revenge. Maybe if I had to say someone, Declan so he could be with Charlotte. Other than that, Emily and Jack got their happy ending, so may the dearly departed of Revenge all RIP. Hope to see all the actors from Revenge in future TV or movie roles soon!

Miranda: I would bring Aiden back in a hot minute. Prior to his introduction, I was totally on board with Jack and Emily as end game. Then Aiden appeared. After his death, it was impossible to see the chemistry between Jack and Emily as being anything more than friendly.  

Ashley: I have to go with David. I hate that he came back after all of that only to die of natural causes. I wanted him to have more time to get to know his daughter. 

Christine: I’d save Daniel. He was the most redeemable of the Graysons and he had great chemistry with Emily. Even away from Emily, I really liked him.

David Clarke killed Victoria. A fitting end or should it have been Emily who pulled the trigger?

Laura: I think it was very fitting. Emily has never gotten real blood on her hands and to have her kill someone for the first time in four seasons goes against who we learned to love. Although Emily surely had reason to want to kill her, Daddy Clarke pulling the trigger to save Emily from doing time for it was wise. Also let's remember Daddy Clarke killed Conrad too so he took down both of the Graysons.

Miranda: A fitting end, for sure. Take the life of the woman who took his? Yep. There's poetic justice in that. 

Ashley: It's fitting, but I do sort of wish Emily had been the one to pull the trigger. 

Christine: You could say that David got his own revenge against Conrad and Victoria. He also got to give his daughter a second chance. Definitely a fitting end. 

What did you think of Emily’s wedding dress?

Laura: Sorry but I wasn't a fan of Em’s dress. I get the simplicity of it but it looked too old on her or something. I just know when I saw it I wasn't thinking it was the dress for Emily/Amanda but that's just my opinion. 

Miranda: I really loved it, actually. It was very simple and demure and fit with a simple ceremony and marriage to Jack. 

Ashley: I didn't love it. Mostly, I think it wasn't memorable, though I do see Miranda's point about it being simple for a simple ceremony. It's not what Emily Thorne would have worn, but maybe that's the point? 

Christine: At first I was taken aback by it’s simple, old fashioned look, but if the point was to get back to basics with her new life as Amanda with Jack, I suppose it was fitting. 

Margaux and Louise both turned on Victoria, which one surprised you more?

Laura: Surprised me or made me say heck yeah? I was beyond thrilled to see Louise strolling up to Vicky with Emily behind her. It was a perfect moment of redemption for Louise. And Margaux, I was glad to see her own up to her actions.  I think she got caught up in her emotions that led her down the wrong path. Just glad they both saw the light in the end.

Miranda: I don't know that Margaux turned on Victoria so much as she decided to take care of herself first. I didn't see Louise going back to Emily to reveal Victoria's location, but I suppose we all should have given how wishy washy she's been since she first arrived. I'd say that was redemption for Louise, but Margaux was too little too late for me to feel moved by her decision to turn herself in.

Ashley: I was more surprised by Margaux. Louise could have gone either way at any time, it seems. 

Christine: Louise couldn’t figure out who to align herself with all season. It seemed like every time she had someone solidly on her side, she turned on them. Girl was a little crazy. As for Margaux, I agree with Miranda that she saw the writing on the wall and decided to put her own future first. 

Was there anything in “Two Graves” that disappointed you?

Laura: I felt the finale was a tad rushed and felt it deserved a two hour wrap up for 4 seasons. I was impressed the writers were able to fit so much into a less than one hour. Also not a fan of sex scenes in dead people's houses or where murders took place. We saw Jack and Emily "kill" time in Vicky's mom's house and Aiden and Niko where Takeda died, so that was just a tad bizarre.

Miranda: This finale should've been two hours. Even if ABC didn't announce that Revenge wasn't returning until two weeks ago, they've known for longer judging by how they jerked the final episode order around in the weeks leading up to the finale. I feel like there was time to write a better ending than what we got.  

Ashley: I agree! It definitely should have been two hours. The whole thing was just way too rushed, and the show deserved better than that. I'm also upset that David died, which seems a little pointless overall. And while I can get on board with a happy ending for Emily and Jack, this just felt... false. Too happy, too perfect. If the episode hadn't been rushed, I might feel differently.

Christine: I was never a big Jack and Emily fan but if I were, I’d be upset. After four seasons they packed everything into this one episode. As a shipper I hate it when shows do that. If I’m suppose to be invested in a couple, I want a bigger payoff than a couple of little scenes thrown in at the end of a series. If I were a bigger Jack and Emily fan, I’d surely feel cheated. 

What was your favorite moment from the series finale?

Laura: I loved seeing Nolan take down Margaux. In a sense, the student became the master. Love the moments between Emily and Nolan before the wedding and Nolan giving Emily away. Also loved Louise turning Vicky over to Emily.

Miranda: I loved Nolan getting the visit from the guy who needed help proving his mom's innocence. It was nice of Ams to give him some help finding direction. 

Ashley: I'm with Laura on the scene with Nolan taking down Margaux. Fabulous.

Christine: I appreciated the fact that David brought everything back to infinity times infinity. That was such a big part of the beginning of the series. I was glad to see it ended there.

What will you miss the most about Revenge?

Laura: All the characters. I fell in love with the characters and actors on the show. They made the fictional world in the Hamptons feel real and brought the characters to life. I will miss seeing them each Sunday and seeing what they do next. I will miss Revenge and I thank you for asking me to join the TV FANATIC Roundtable this season it was truly a pleasure. Thank you. #GoodbyeRevenge I will miss you!

Miranda: I'm going to miss the costuming, for sure. The lavish parties and Victoria's barbs. I'll miss Conrad having some of the best one-liners on the entire show. I'll miss the promise of Jack and Emily from early seasons and the connection Emily had with Aiden. Most of all, I'll miss Nolan Ross.  

Ashley: What I'll miss the most is seeing Emily and Nolan scheming together. I always loved watching their plans unfold.

Christine: Nolan Ross! He was awesome and became someone I rooted for from the beginning, even more so than Emily. I look forward to seeing where Gabriel Mann ends up next.

If you’re already missing the Hamptons drama, you can watch Revenge online any time here at TV Fanatic. 

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