Revenge Season 4 Episode 23 Review: Two Graves

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Well, that wasn't exactly how I would've written the Revenge Season Finale, but then again I wasn't asked, so, you know. A little too much saccharine and suspension of disbelief for a show that has always tried to take itself too seriously, if you ask me. (Which, okay, maybe you didn't.)

Revenge Season 4 Episode 23 brought about an end to the saga of Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson. At least one of those women ended up in an actual grave.

Amanda in Control - Revenge

It only took until the last 15 minutes of the entire series, but Victoria Grayson is dead. Finally. For real and for good. If the closing scenes are to be believed, the heartless woman's heart was put inside Amanda Clarke when Victoria, in a pool of her own blood, reached up and shot her adversary in the back. 

Shooting someone in the back is SO a Victoria Grayson move...

It was pretty clear that Victoria would die in the Revenge series finale. As the antagonist and villain of the series, it was long past time for her to go. Had the writers killed her off a season and a half ago, they could've breathed new life into this series. But for whatever reason they were reluctant to lose Madeleine Stowe and, in my opinion, as fabulous as she was in the role, the series as a whole suffered for the dead weight of the Grayson family.

And now they're all actually dead. 

As clear as it was that Victoria would die, it was also clear that Emanda would not be the one to shoot her. She's had ample opportunity over the years to kill Victoria if that's the route she planned to take, but she's not a killer. That's not her style. From her first moment of hesitation, I thought there was a chance that Victoria wouldn't die and I was getting a little disappointed. 

David Clarke saved the day, though, and took out the woman who cost him the best years of his life with her inability to speak the truth under the guise of "protecting her children." It was a bit of a cop-out that the man who had the least amount of time to live would be the one to pull the trigger, but someone had to do it. He had nothing to lose and ended up saving his daughter in the process.

Though I'm not sure how she didn't go to jail seeing how she BROKE OUT OF A MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON. 

Shouldn't that carry some sort of penalty, even if you were put there because you were innocent? Hacking the security cameras, causing the fire alarm, and then escaping? And she gets no time for that? Oh, okay.

Anyway. Maybe that's coming after her honeymoon. 

If we had never again had to make mention of that cheesy childhood wedding on the beach, it would've been okay. The set-up for Jack and Amanda to get together in the end, much less get married, made less than zero sense, but I think we all knew it was coming. The wedding was pretty. Her dress looked amazing. They make a cute couple. I guess. 

The writers should've put these two together mid-way through this season for a Jemily ending to work and not feel like a thrown together after thought. And that's exactly what it felt like. 

Yes, they have a bond. They've always had that bond. But that's not the sort of thing that makes a marriage, you know? Just before sleeping with him for the first time she even acknowledged the fact that Aiden and Ben got in their way and that whole "but I always felt safe with you..." line was sort of crap. 

I'm trying pretty hard not to get too caught up in their literally sailing off into the sunset together because the show is done so it does me no good to rant about it, but ugh. That was just...not good. They needed more time to build up to that ending and had plenty of time to do it. They just squandered it on things like Nolan and the social worker who broke up with him to become a single father, Louise, and Victoria's reunion with her own mother. 

Louise did turn out to be sort of useful in the end, what with leading Emanda to Victoria and all, but then Emanda got shot so, thanks Louise. How did David know where to find them? Did Louise tell him where they were going, send him into Jack's new room to wait for Jack to wake up, and then he was supposed to tag along? (Ugh. Why do I care!?!?)

Margaux's redemption was just not interesting. She's never been good at being bad. She's not a villain. She would've turned herself in sooner or later and my only sadness is that she didn't turn her back on Victoria in the process. I mean, she might've. She would most likely have admitted to her part in helping Victoria fake her own death. 

Good for Margaux, I guess, but poor Nolan's hand! I'm trusting that White Gold didn't hit any major bones otherwise how would Nolan go on hacking for people who need justice? That might've been my favorite part in the entire finale. 

That and Nolan's subtle switch to calling his bestie "Ams." I definitely loved that.

What did you love/hate about "Two Graves"? Are you happy with the way things ended or do you think Emily should've ended up in one of the graves? The series might have ended but you can always watch Revenge online right here!

Two Graves Review

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