Revenge Series Finale Sneak Peek: The Final Showdown

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Who will fill the "Two Graves" on this Sunday's series finale of Revenge?

We'll find out on Sunday when Revenge Season 4 comes to an end.

But know that one more showdown is in store between Emily Thorne/Amanda Clarke and the not-so-dead Victoria Grayson.

Will Emily get her final stab shot at revenge? Or will Victoria one-up her young nemesis before she can find her happily ever after with Jack?

While there are many loose threads and more surprises to come on Revenge Season 4 Episode 23, let's focus on Emily and Victoria in this clip given to TV Fanatic by the good folks at ABC. 

Will either make it out of the finale alive?

Revenge Season 4 airs Sundays at 10/9c on ABC. 

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You're not going anywhere Miss America's Most Wanted!


When I was a little girl the delineation between good and evil was as clear as night and day. But as life grows complicated that line blurs and we learn to justify our actions when we believe we've crossed it. If we aren't careful, those choices can fill us with darkness leaving us destined to never see light again.