Scandal Round Table: Is This The End for Command?

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Is that it? Did we just witness the downfall of Rowan Pope on Scandal Season 4 Episode 22? It definitely looks that way, at least for now. 

But will it last? That's what Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, and Miranda Wicker are here to discuss in the latest edition of the Scandal Round Table! Check out their answers and then join in below!

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from "You Can't Take Command?"

Jim: This sounds really mean, but I really enjoyed watching Fitz toss Cyrus out on his butt. Cyrus has constantly made horrible choices and finally one caught up with him.

Christine: I liked David's reaction to the massacre on the bus. "Normally I’d be all white hat, woohoo!" and "Although I live for justice, I don’t want to die for it." He finally figured out how deep he was in and decided to get out.

Miranda: You forgot the vomit, Christine. Shudder. I really enjoyed Abby's look when she saw Lizzie moving into Cy's office. That girl has intuition and she knows something's up in the Chief of Staff's office.

Your least favorite?

Jim: In contrast to Cyrus, I was sad for Mellie. She seemed to honestly be trying to do the right thing and Fitz came down on her based only on what Lizzie said, and I expected more from him when it came to Mellie.

Christine: I agree with Jim.  Fitz didn’t even ask for Mellie’s side of the story. I thought they had come farther than that. It was really disappointing. Also, this was a throwback to the Cyrus who almost had James killed. His dark side definitely came out and it wasn't pretty.

Miranda: Um, yes. Ditto. It doesn't even matter if people like Mellie, that was just terrible writing. For her entire run, he and Mellie have been an actual team and he just...threw it away? On the words of an outsider? Oh, okay. Terrible.

How satisfied are you with the Rowan Pope take down?

Jim: I totally did not see him being "Al Caponed" (a.k.a Al-Capwned). I suspect he will be able to recover in time, but given that he took great care to remove anyone who knew he was command and destroy traces to him from Command he doesn't have a lot left. Maybe Russell is still around, but that's about it.

Christine:  I really liked it because I never saw it coming. Rowan was manipulated into taking down Command himself and then Olivia took down Eli Pope. I doubt this is the last we’ll see of Papa Pope but it sure was fun.

Miranda: LOL, Jim! Good one. I actually hated this because I think the man needs to be taken out permanently. He's overstayed his welcome as resident villain and I don't look forward to the day when things in the writer's room take a turn back to his direction. As much as I have loved Joe Morton, the Rowan/Eli Pope ship has sailed.

Was Lizzie just the beneficiary of Cyrus' firing or the orchestrator?

Jim: Did you see that smile? She orchestrated it. Though I have no idea why Fitz would replace Cyrus with Lizzie the same night, but I'm guessing that just made for good drama. Does this mean Cyrus will be working for Senator Mellie Grant now?

Christine:  Oh, she definitely orchestrated it. Why wait for the chance to be Chief of Staff with Mellie when she can maneuver herself into he position now. I think Fitz was an idiot to put so much trust in her considering her track record but it does give Mellie and Cyrus something to fight for next season.

Miranda: SNEAKY SNEAKY, Lizzie!! She was totally pulling the strings start to finish, probably from the time she came on board as Mellie's campaign manager. All of this has been a plot and I can't wait to see it unravel.

Is Jake Ballard gone for good?

Jim: I hope not. Though the poetic irony of last season ending with them leaving together and this season ending with them apart didn't escape me.

Christine: Please no! I love Scott Foley. There has to be a way to keep him on my screen.

Miranda: I think Jake will be taking some time off, but I really like that they didn't kill him. That means he can (please) come back in some capacity. 

Grade the Scandal Season 4 finale.

Jim: B-. I was really hoping to see a bigger battle of wills between Olivia and Rowan, him being ahead of her (yet again) and killing all jurors felt like more of the same. However, the ending with Mellie and Cyrus out was unexpected and mostly enjoyable.

Christine: B. It had lots of twists and turns. Rowan may be down but I don’t think he’s out. I want to see what happens with Huck and how Mellie and Cyrus regain their power. My only disappointment was in how Fitz let Liz manipulate him.

Miranda: C+. I, too, was expecting more from the Olivia/Rowan showdown and felt like there should've been...something. Something else. The reveal that Huck killed the jurors for Rowan was dropped into the episode with no comment and could've waited until the show comes back in the fall. Then Fitz and Mellie and his inability to have a thought on his own. Yeah, C+.

Scandal returns this fall on ABC, but you can always watch Scandal online right here!

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 22 Quotes

Olivia: I'm proud of you.
Fitz: Liv...I'm grateful. Thank you.
Olivia: Goodbye, Fitz.

We have one goal. To bring down my father and to shut down B613 for good. To do what is right. So you tell the truth and you tell the whole truth. No matter what happens. No matter who gets hurt.