Scandal Round Table: Who Will Die?

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Can Olivia Pope and her associates outwit and outmaneuver Rowan Pope, aka Command, aka THE ACTUAL WORST?

Not if the events of Scandal Season 4 Episode 21 are any indication. 

A JAG imposter, a conversation between spies and Fitz doing his best to make sure Mellie wins her Senate race... Scandal's latest episode had it all. Join

Jim Garner, Christine Orlando, and Miranda Wicker as they break down the next-to-last episode from Scandal Season 4

Scandal Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite quote or scene from "A Few Good Women?"

Jim: As wrong as it was, I loved Cyrus telling the Vice President that she had to put the sailor back. It seemed like you could have replaced "sailor" with "puppy" and the entire scene would have still work perfectly.

Christine:  I loved the scene between Jake and Russell. it made me feel like the agents of B-613 were Rowan’s Lost Boys. It was a great moment of bonding between two of the very few people who know what it’s like to be under Rowan’s Command.

Miranda: I loved Abby walking into OPA like she still works there and demanding to help. She has to remain neutral behind the podium, but as a staunch supporter of women, there was no way Abby wasn't getting involved in this week's case and that's part of the reason I love her so much.

Quinn as torturer: Crazy, creepy, or cold, wet noodle?

Jim: I've actually gotten use to it now. Though, she still gets a very strange gleam in her eye that does creep me out just a little.

Christine:  Eh. A bit of a wet noodle but that’s ok. There’s a little too much torture on this show.

Miranda: Quinn is just...not scary. There's a look in Huck's eyes when he's torturing someone that Quinn is missing. Quinn seems like she's crazy for the sake of being crazy while Huck seems like crazy is just who he is.

Discuss Jake and Russell's conversation about Olivia.

Jim: At a minimum I think it has started a crack in Russell's shell. Jake said that Russell was a "better me" because he didn't care for Olivia. The end of the conversation seemed to show he might have started to care after all.

Christine:  I’d never thought of it the way Jake put it. That when Olivia’s guard is up, Rowan waits her out until she relaxes and then he sends in one of his minions with the intention that they will eventually get caught just so Olivia will always know that Papa Pope is always in command. That’s just twisted.

Miranda: I really loved that too, Christine. It also made me hate Rowan even more. Why does he feel the need to control Olivia in such a way? Just because he can? What an ass. I like that Jake acknowledged that he really had no idea why he was talking to Russell but he just felt the need to meet the man who took his place at Rowan's right hand.

Were you surprised the JAG was one of Rowan's men?

Jim: You mean, the fake JAG officer? I was surprised actually as the JAG office should have notice him missing within 24 hours and have sent a replacement reps to Olivia, which would have tipped her off. I won't even ask how he was getting in and out of secure military bases on the credentials of a man that would have been reported AWOL within 12-16 hours disappearing and would have been detained at the first security check point he crossed after that.

Christine:  Good points, Jim. I didn’t catch on until the moment Huck opened the door. That’s when I knew our clueless attorney wasn’t nearly so clueless.

Miranda: HOW did Rowan pull that off? How!? It's not even sort of possible that he could've infiltrated JAG and NO ONE KNEW? COME ON. Obviously, I have lots of feelings about this. So I was surprised because it never should've happened.

Who dies in the upcoming season finale?

Jim: Part of me really hopes it's Papa Pope, but I suspect it will be Mama Pope. Given how little we've seen of her, she would be an ideal choice...

Christine:  Russell perhaps? Maybe he tries to turn the tables on Command and goes down for it.

Miranda: I really, really want it to be Rowan because it's just time for him to go permanently but I've had this theory kicking around for a couple of weeks now that it'll be Jake. Jake might take Rowan down at the same time. Something about his almost-death a few weeks ago says he's not long for Olivia Pope's world. I hope I'm wrong.

Scandal Season 4 Episode 22 airs Thursday night at 9. If you miss it, you can always watch Scandal online right here!

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

No one is going to kill you, Russell. I know that sounds comforting but trust me, it's not. You don't get off so easily. You don't get to die.


[to Olivia] If you find out that Foxtail means, say 'assassinate David Rosen', I'd really appreciate a heads up.