Scandal: Watch Season 4 Episode 21 Online

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On Scandal Season 4 Episode 21, Jake is having nightmares of being attacked, but he's acting as if everything is alright. Meanwhile, Russell is being interrogated right across the hallway in order to get information.

Russell also has a cyanide capsule in his tooth that must be moved in order to keep him from committing suicide. Jake sees blood on Olivia's sleeve and knows what's going down.

Meanwhile, Mellie is down in the polls, but afraid to go too far to get things going back in her direction. Can she do what's needed to capture the vote she needs to swing the election her way?

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Scandal Season 4 Episode 21 Quotes

No one is going to kill you, Russell. I know that sounds comforting but trust me, it's not. You don't get off so easily. You don't get to die.


[to Olivia] If you find out that Foxtail means, say 'assassinate David Rosen', I'd really appreciate a heads up.