The Flash Round Table: Iris Knows!

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On The Flash Season 1 Episode 20 Round Table, the team talks about events righting themselves after Barry turned back time... how many times time travel can be used for storytelling purposes... Eddie's reaction to Eobard... and what Eobard should be called, among other things. 

Join panelists Jim Garner, Hank Otero, Tanya Moat and Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast right now! Do it!

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

The night sort of fixed what Barry changed at the end of The Flash Season 1 Episode 15, Out of Time. What worked best for you?

Jim: I'm not sure I would call it "fixed" but I am glad that Iris knows he is the Flash. Now the question is, how long will she try to get him to admit it?

Hank: The Cisco dream stuff was fantastic! I loved revisiting that scene between Wells and Cisco, only this time everyone was prepared for it. Obviously, I'm thrilled he's alive and that Caitlin is no longer in denial about Wells. I have to say, I also loved the Time Vault sequence with Gideon. All those revelations were pretty juicy. Did you catch the name "Green Arrow," as well as Atom and Hawkgirl mentioned in the 2024 newspaper? That was clearly a hint at the upcoming spinoff series... I can't wait!

Tanya: All of it. I'm glad the team knows that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash. I am also very happy that Iris finally figured out that Barry is the Flash. While I expect her to be rightfully angry about being kept in the dark and repeatedly lied to by people she loves, it's my hope that being in on the secret makes her a better and more interesting character.

Andy: My highlight was definitely Iris finally learning about Barry's secret and it was done in one of the most compelling ways ever with him and her having a spark, just like in the flashbacks when he was in a coma. I digged all the stuff at the beginning when they were discovering more about Barry and Harrison's future, including the name drops of Hawkgirl AND Green Arrow!

What's next for STAR Labs without Harrison Wells?

Jim: Caitlin and Cisco have a garage sell? Honestly, I don't know.

Hank: That's a tough one, I'm assuming Barry takes it over and the team continues to work out of there. Gideon did mention his high ranking position in the future. Perhaps since Wells has been unmasked, the CCPD or the government takes control of the facility?

Tanya: I don't know. It's hard for me to fathom him not being there. Because Wells accelerated the timeline – are Barry, Caitlyn and Cisco truly ready to takeover Star Labs? All three of them are incredibly intelligent, but also young. They really needed Harrison's guidance this past year. Joe is great but he's not a scientist.

Andy: I don't see why they would operate from there anymore, they should probably just get a new head quarter that is Harrison-bug free.

What did you think of Eddie's reaction to the reveal about Eobard Thawne?

Jim: He reacted about how I would if a psychopathic speedster told me he was a descendant of mine from the future. The part I don't get is exactly how far in the future is he from that he references Eddie's relatives "long dead" but yet the paper is only 10 years away.

Hank: Since Eddie was let in on Barry's secret I don't think anything surprises him anymore. Besides, Wells' revelation explained why the Reverse Flash didn't hurt him that night. I'm curious to see how the two deal with each other moving forward.

Tanya: I feel for the guy; he's had a rough few weeks. Fighting with Iris, Joe not giving his blessing and now he learns a distant relative is the Reverse Flash. He took the news well considering everything, and I am curious to see what he does next.

Andy: I thought it was fitting, but it was over so quickly. I'm still wondering what their connection is in the Thawne line-up.

Should we call Wells Eobard Thawne from now on and are you as concerned about his skin (the actor Tom Cavanaugh) staying without the tenderness of Wells remaining?

Jim: I guess it depends on what Wells-Thawne decides to call himself. As for the rest, I have no idea if (or how) the writers can pull off keeping Tom Cavanaugh around a Wells, or anything other than the jerk-face Eobard.

Hank: I have a feeling the DNA change was permanent, so I don't think we'll lose Cavanaugh. As far as any kindness remaining, the cat's out of the bag so I'd love to see a more villainous Wells/Thawne in action... Possibly as part of the Rogues? It seems the characters will continue to refer to the man as Wells, since they never really met Eobard Thawne anyway.

Tanya: Right now I'm still thinking of him as Wells. But I agree with Jim, I'll follow however Well/Thawne refers to himself. Like Hank, I do believe the DNA change was permanent, but I also think he developed some genuine feelings for Cisco, Caitlyn and even Barry. His mission remains his top priority, but it wouldn't surprise me if we still get a rare glimpse of some of the old Wells too. Or maybe that is completely wishful thinking on my part! Either way, Cavanaugh has done an excellent job portraying Wells, and it will be interesting to see how he plays Thawne.

Andy: I just say Harrison at this point, sometimes I say Thawne or Eobard, but I have gotten so used to say Harrison.

At what point will the possibility of changing events via time travel become more of a cop out than an exciting prospect?

Jim: When they start doing it all the time. Killing Cisco and bringing him back by changing time was well used the first time, doing something similar in the future can work too. But, the moment it becomes the way to try and have a bunch of fake drama (i.e. this week we kill Joe, next week we turn Iris into a turtle, etc, etc) it will get old, dry, and pointless.

Hank: I've said this before, I think the finale is going to reboot the series à la Flashpoint Paradox. I think the writers will use the time travel stuff sparingly. Otherwise, as Jim mentioned it will get old really quick. So far, they've struck a nice balance and I'm not worried time travel will become a crutch. There are decades of Flash comics to reference or use as inspiration. I doubt they'll run out of ideas any time soon.

Tanya: I absolutely agree with Jim. The time travel element is incredibly fun, but it definitely needs to be used judiciously or it becomes boring. There also needs to be a clearer cost for time travel too. Otherwise, why wouldn't Barry constantly go back in time to change history?

Andy: I think they can use time travel to change events at least once or twice per seasons and it has do be done where we both gain something back but also lose something just as important. That's how I look at it.

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