The Flash Round Table: We're Geeking Out!!

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Fans everywhere enjoyed the nods to canon in The Flash Season 1 Episode 23 - and our Round Table panelists were no different.

They're discussing Easter eggs, what's next as a result of Eddie's heroic act, how Harrison Wells will be incorporated into The Flash Season 2 and more!

Join the team members Hank Otero, Jim Garner, Tanya Moat, Carissa Pavlica and Andy Behbakht of The Flash Podcast by tossing your thoughts into the comments...

The Flash Round Table 1-27-15

What was your favorite part of the finale?

Andy: I think as great as all the action was as well as the Easter Eggs, it was all the emotional beats that really made this finale – I have never cried so hard during a mother and son scene where Barry got to be there before she passed away. He got to say goodbye and get somewhat of closure, which meant a lot to me as a viewer and fan of the Flash comics.

Jim: I have to agree with Andy. Barry and Nora's brief but powerful scene was my favorite. Having lost my mom suddenly (heart attack) a few years ago, I was a blubbering cry-baby watching Barry get to say goodbye and let Nora know that they love her. I would give almost anything for a chance to say goodbye.

Tanya: I agree the mother and son scene was top-notch and my condolences to you, Jim. I can imagine how deeply that scene would have resonated with you. I love how this show does such a great job balancing light and fun with such strong, powerful emotional beats. I also loved the scene where Barry came flying back from the past and plowed into the Reverse Flash's time machine.

Hank: There were so many great moments. Of course the Barry/Nora scene everyone mentioned. I was also blown away by the visual effects. If there's one thing that has been really consistent this season it's the VFX work. That wormhole was insane!

Carissa: All of the emotional moments worked for me, but Henry telling Barry not only would he never take back what happened if it meant it would change the man he's becoming (fully admitting Barry is not all he will be), but he's sure Nora would feel the same really got to me. That's an incredibly powerful statement.

There were a lot of Easter eggs in the speed force. What excited you most?

Andy: We got sweet Easter Eggs for DC's Legends of Tomorrow, but as The Flash fan that I am, the Jay Garrick hat had me all geeked out because holy Speed Force, if we are getting Jay in Season 2 (whether it's the classic Jay Garrick or the New 52 Earth-2 version), I have been dreaming about seeing him on the show in one way or another. Oh and I guess those Killer Frost and Vibe Easter Eggs were fine (spoiler alert: it was fantastic!).

Jim: I'm kind of excited to see how they do Killer Frost. Of course, as Andy pointed out, Jay Garrick's hat flying out of the worm hole had me giggling like a school girl!

Tanya: I admit that my level of knowledge about Flash isn't super deep, so most (all) of the Easter Eggs had to be pointed out to me. One part of me is really excited about Killer Frost and Vibe and another part also doesn't want everyone to become a Meta either. I suspect I am in the minority here too. :)

Hank: Definitely the Legends of Tomorrow scene. I wonder how much more exciting that moment might have been if The CW had not released the teaser for Legends yet. I don't want everyone to go all meta either Tanya, but I think the writers set that up when they named Cisco and Caitlin. I know I'm going to be totally bummed out when she becomes a super-villain :(

Carissa: Honestly? The most exciting part for me was watching Twitter blow up with Flash fanatics feeling the love. There is nothing quite like knowing some of your wishes might be coming true. The Flash helmet was lost on me. I thought it was a beetle or something! Don't shoot me! My eyes, my eyes!

What do you anticipate will change as a result of Eddie's death?

Andy: Well, this is the thing...let's remember WHERE Eddie's body got sucked into because while we did see him pass away, the body sucked into that time hole – Eddie Thawne the character may be done on the show, but I don't think we have seen the last of Rick Cosnett. Question now is, what or who might we see him as?

Jim: I'm hoping they do a few small, powerful changes. Maybe Nora's alive and Barry's dad is out of jail, but Joe and Barry remember her dead. But at a minimum, Harrison Wells will be back in some form. Sadly for Andy, the show runners have already announced they are parting ways with Rick Cosnett, so I'm not sure we will see Eddie in any form.

Tanya: I am really sad about the loss of Eddie, especially when he was finally becoming more than a bland, handsome cop. I am thrilled that we didn't lose Tom Cavanaugh and wonder how the "real" Harrison Wells differs from Thawne pretending to be Wells. Hopefully, Henry isn't in prison either as I'd love for him to play a more active role in the show too.

Hank: I didn't expect to see Eddie again, but Wells will be back possibly as his original self. That would allow him to continue mentoring Barry in S2. Will Reverse Flash be back as well? Yep, there's no doubt, but how they'll go about it I have no idea. There are so many possibilities with time travel.

Carissa: Eddie was such a hero (just had to get that out there). Someone mentioned they're using the time loop theory so the only changes we'll see are from this moment forward. It would be cool if the timeline would change while Barry was in the wormhole and he'd be static due to his running in space. I like the idea of things changing and dealing with the aftermath. As Jim once mentioned, Eureka did it well on Syfy.

How do you expect Harrison Wells to be reincorporated in Season 2?

Andy: I'm expecting to see the REAL Harrison Wells due to the timeline traveling, but I would not be surprised to see the Eobard-Harrison as well in some capacity because you don't get rid of Reverse-Flash (any of them for that matter) that easily. But I am calling that the real Harrison is coming to the show in some capacity.

Jim: I think he will just "be there" when Barry gets the vortex closed, as if he's always been there. Instead of a whole new time line, I'm betting on "merging" of two timelines so there is some confusion for a while.

Tanya: I'm looking forward to meeting the real Wells and hope he is a true ally and mentor this time. Like Andy, I don't expect that Reverse Flash is truly gone because he is too important of a nemesis. And let's face it – does anyone ever really die in comic books? Plus, Eddie did get sucked up in the time hole, so who knows what truly happened to him?

Hank: I got ahead of myself and answered this one above LOL. I'm not sure we'll be dealing with Eobard Thawne next season; been there done that. Perhaps they'll go with Hunter Zolomon next season or another version of Reverse Flash.

Carissa: I like Hank's ideas. There was more than one Reverse Flash so let's dig out a new one and have Harrison Wells either just appear via a time change/wormhole issue (my favorite option) or by being scooped up and brought back through time (this causes so many personal issues for him it worries me). I'll really miss the complicated Eobard Wells, though.

It's October. What do you imagine is on tap for the beginning of The Flash Season 2?

Andy: Oh, there are so many things I'm imagining to see at the start of Season 2, like more speedsters, some more set ups for Legends of Tomorrow and the introduction of the Multiverse.

Jim: I see Cisco nerding-out over how to get the flash suit into a ring. I loved that he tried to get Thawne to tell him how he did it. I also see lots of tears for Eddie's death, as he will be missed.

Tanya: I'm really excited to see how Eddie's death affected the current timeline. I expect that the main crew, Joe, Iris, Cisco, Caitlyn and Barry, will remember everything from before, but what about other recurring characters, like Captain Cold, Oliver, Felicity, etc? The show runners did a great job with The Flash Season 1 and I can't wait to see what they do next season.

Hank: I imagine the writers will pick up right where we left off. They've got to know exactly what happens when Barry closes that wormhole. I'm curious to find out what this new timeline will be like, since Season 1 was already an alternate-timeline. Also, as Andy mentioned I'm hoping for more Speedsters! It goes without saying tons of crossovers between Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow are expected. Man, it's going to be a long five months guys.

Carissa: I expect I'll be antsy with anticipation. It's a great feeling we're all still on board and excited for what's next. There will probably have been casting announcements made prior to the season so we'll all be guessing what's to come even more wildly than now. It makes me kind of giddy just thinking about thinking about it. How fun!  

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The Flash Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

Barry: I want to kill you right now!
Harrison: I used to know that rage. I used to feel that rage every time I looked upon you and now I know what Joe and Henry feel when they look on you with pride. With love.

Barry: Why did you kill my mother?
Eobard: Because I hate you. Not you now, you years from now.