The Originals Season 2 Episode 21 Review: Fire with Fire

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The day Klaus Mikaelson stops being two steps ahead of everyone else is the day I stop watching The Originals.

Even if it's predictable that he'll always have the entire chess game mapped out in his head before making the first move, it's always entertaining to watch. 

The Originals Season 2 Episode 21 was no exception. While there were casualties, Klaus couldn't enact his plan without also exacting some revenge upon his siblings for being daggered. 

Jackson Makes Like Katniss - The Originals

Some of us in the fandom figured that there was a strong chance Klaus wasn't actually on Dahlia's side in the battle against his siblings. It's not really in his nature to align with anyone but himself unless it serves his interests to do so, and even if aligning with Dahlia made sense on paper, there was no way Klaus would make the arrangement permanent.

Attaboy, Klaus!

Instead of giving Dahlia what she wanted – which was the death (or daggering) of his siblings, Hayley, and anyone else who stood in his way – Klaus decided to get his own revenge for being daggered while making Dahlia THINK she was getting what she wanted out of their agreement. 

I loved every heartbreaking minute of it. Except Gia's death. Klaus is going to have to pay for that. Maybe being daggered for a decade or so would be great since he now knows how dreadful an experience it is. 

It's clear that Gia had to die in order for Elijah to truly believe that Klaus had switched sides, but that was way more about getting back at Elijah than it was to be convincing, you know? He knew Elijah and Gia had a thing and he exploited that. It's one of those bastard things Klaus does that makes people hate him, even if just a little bit.

Seriously. I could kick him for taking Gia away, and if I'm not careful I'm just going to rant about how much it sucks to have lost her. Bah. 

Klaus' plan also involved sending Rebekah back into her old body, which means Claire Holt returns!! YESSSS!!! 

Rebekah was smart enough to figure out that Klaus didn't actually want her to die. He would never want her to die. He would, however, want to ruin her chance at a mortal life by killing the witch body she inhabited and forcing her back into being a vampire. That's way more his style. 

That's not to say that once this is all over Rebekah can't just body jump into another witch in order to be mortal again. Just smooth things over with Klaus and all will be well. Unless there's some magic loophole that will prevent her from jumping back out of her vampire body and I really wouldn't put that past the writers. 

Oh well. Claire Holt is the real Rebekah forever and always anyway. 

So that's two siblings Klaus screwed with in order to make Dahlia believe he was on her side. The third act of betrayal came from Cami, and I swear if Klaus and Cami don't get together soon I might just have a tantrum.

We've been tiptoeing around the two of them since the pilot, for crying out loud. It's coming. I love Cami and I love that she's the one person Klaus trusts. And she trusts him. They're a good match. Let's make it happen already. 

Between The Originals and The Vampire Diaries Season 6, we're seeing a lot of the vampire mind-messaging. It's kind of neat, because for a while there it seemed as if everyone had forgotten it was something vampires were capable of doing. Klaus used that power to his advantage and planted a message in Cami's head. Now she just has to get Elijah to listen to her and ding dong, the witch is dead!

That is if Dahlia hasn't been two steps ahead of Klaus the whole time. (Ugh. Please. No.)

How Klaus plans to kill her, I have no idea, but it likely has something to do with binding himself to her. If she accepts his compromise, I'll be willing to bet that the White Oak Stake will work on her, so they'll stab her with it and she'll burst into flames. 

Then it'll be up to Davina, newly elected Regent of the covens, to undo the Crescent Curse and free Hayley and her people from Dahlia's spell. Here's hoping she's up for it as the wolves really got caught in the middle of all of this and don't deserve to suffer because of Klaus. The witches and wolves never really had an issue with one another anyway.

As for Freya, will she be sticking around after The Originals Season 2 Episode 22? Is there a chance Klaus will want to save his sister after having spent time with Dahlia, despite the fact that he didn't trust her?

After having seen how powerful she can be, it wouldn't be a bad idea for him to figure out how to win her over. They could probably use a witch in the family.

What did you think of "Fire With Fire?" Did you smell Klaus' plan coming from a mile away? Will Dahlia bond herself to Klaus? Jump into the comments below with your answers and don't forget to watch The Originals online!

Fire with Fire Review

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