The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 21 Review: Bull-E

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Bullying is a serious issue that has been tackled often on TV recently. 

However, none have tackled it in quite the same way as The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 21 did. 

After twenty-six seasons, is this really the end of Homer's bullying of Ned? 

Somehow, I doubt it. There have been instances over the years where Homer and Ned have put aside their differences and gotten along, but in the end, Homer will always revert back to his "stupid Flanders" ways. He had a nice save with "stupendous," but it's only a matter of time before he slips for real. 

We were treated to quite a few funny moments, my favorite easily being Homer's "no more Barts" song. I wonder if he sings that to himself every night before going to bed, kind of like "no whammies" on the game show Press Your Luck. 

Actually, most of my favorite moments went to Homer. How great was the slip and slide from the door to the police car? That looked like fun and was a great way to get away from the reporters before they could hound him! Are slip and slides still around? I used to love that thing. 

I also loved Homer whispering into the lampshade about trusting the government as if his house was bugged and his deep voice when the guy in charge of the meeting told him to dig deeper. The little things like that really added to the overall story. 

I will say I was not a huge fan of Bart and his puberty demon. It wasn't that funny and it didn't really make sense. We've seen Bart interested in girls many times, even as recently as The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 20, so why would taking this girl's hand all of a sudden push him into puberty?

The dance wasn't a bad way to push the bullying story forward, I just think we could have done without that filler thrown in there. Just let him dance up a storm and win the trophy. The girl's life lesson after his trophy was broken was pretty funny though. 

What was the deal with Otto's trippy dream at the end? It was like they had another minute to fill and they just threw in anything they had ready in the can. The animation was great, but it was definitely random. 

It was kind of fun watching everyone get arrested for miniscule things. I'd say it's a problem that the police were so focused on bullying that they were probably ignoring more important crimes, but with these cops, they would ignore them anyway. Chief Wiggum said himself it's easier to arrest people who don't know they're criminals. 

What did you guys think? Next week is the season finale, but don't worry, The Simpsons has been renewed for two more seasons!  I'm hoping for at least two more to bring it to 30, but my guess is it'll continue past that anyway. 

Don't forget, you can watch The Simpsons online any time!

Bull-E Review

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The Simpsons Season 26 Episode 21 Quotes

Bart, some of your biggest heroes are dancers. Krusty was on Dancing with the Stars until a panel of experts determined he wasn't a star.


Homer: No no honey, I love everything you force me to do. And sometimes if you do all that, you get a very special night.
Bart: And what does that get you?
Homer: Hopefully not a you.