The Vampire Diaries Round Table: How Will Delena End?

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Sorry, Delena fans, but it looks like Nina Dobrev's exit from the series is about to split the couple up if their argument from last week's episode is any indication. And if her exit doesn't split them up, Kai's return might.

Oh yes, Kai and the Heretics are on their way back to Mystic Falls to handle some unfinished business. Join Paul Dailly, Miranda Wicker, and Crissy Calhoun, author of Love You to Death, as we discuss all that and more. Be sure to jump into the comments below and watch The Vampire Diaries online so you're all caught up for this week's next-to-last episode!

Vampire Diaries RT 1-27-15 - depreciated -

What was your favorite quote or scene from The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 20?

Paul: Favorite scene was Kai and the heretics. That scene got me ready for the final two episodes. I can't wait to see what comes next.

Crissy: I loved the Stefan/Damon brother stuff — Stefan's hurt at the thought of losing his vamp bro, and Damon knowing it was such a big deal he couldn't even tell him. 

Miranda: Damon and Elena on the clock tower was pretty great. There's dread looming between them and it was palpable last Thursday night.

Where was Caroline?

Paul: Probably sleeping off all the blood and the booze she consumed on her bender.

Crissy: She probably locked herself in that cell under the police station where her father tortured her, to get some self-loathing done. 

Miranda: Doing heroic deeds like saving kittens from trees and helping old ladies cross the street to assuage her guilt over going on a blood bender.

Why did hearing twins stop Lily from eating Jo? (Related: How did a) none of the other vampires hear twins and b) ultrasounds not discover them?)

Paul: Lily could be a much more smarter vampire than we've already met LOL. I found this a random development for her, but I'm happy it kept Jo safe.

Crissy: Mysteries of Gemini witch fetuses! I think that Lily didn't eat Jo because there's some don't-eat-pregnant-ladies line that most vampires don't cross (and because Lily sees herself as maternal and can relate to Jo, however much she's sucking as a mother to Stefan and Damon). 

Miranda: There's something maternal inside Lily Salvatore yet, you guys. She may not want to admit it, for whatever reason, but it's in there. 

How will the Damon and Elena saga end?

Paul: Katherine is going to come back, kill Elena and leave Mystic Falls for good.

Crissy: Maybe this Elena really is Katherine! Sigh, we all wish. I think Damon will choose vampirism, or it will be chosen for him somehow, and he'll remain a vamp and she'll ditch Mystic Falls a human. Maybe she'll join Ric and Jo and help them raise their twin witches. 

Miranda: I still think Elena's going to die in the finale, either on accident or by some brutal murder. It's far too convenient to send her off to live a happy, normal life because then she can always return and that shtick is way overdone on this series. 

Kai is a human blood bag. How are he and the Heretics getting out of the prison world?

Paul: I think it'll all be linked to the ascendant. It wouldn't surprise me if Lily has somehow been popping back for visits and I don't mean in her mind.

Crissy: Well, wouldn't there be an ascendant in the 1903 prison world somewhere? I am fuzzy on the rules here, but Kai is clever. I'm sure he's found a Bennett and an ersatz ascendant. 

Miranda: I'm really interested to see how they find the blood of a Bennett witch in 1903 to make the Ascendant work. I'm still confused on how the Ascendants work at all, really. They used one from 199whenever to get to 1903 but needed the 1903 Ascendant to get out and they had that but now they don't? I love witches and the Gemini coven, but I need a handbook.

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 21 airs Thursday night at 8 on the CW!

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