Tragic Tuesday: Lance Sweets Lives On

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We're back for another edition of Tragic Tuesday, in which we remember another beloved character who made a shocking, emotional exit.

We didn't see this one coming, at all. The brutal death of this sweet, geeky, loyal character brought on some of our worst ugly crying, as well as a bit of outrage.

No, we're definitely still not over the death of Dr. Lance Sweets from Bones.

Sweets In The Middle

Sweets first made his way into our hearts in Bones Season 3, serving as a counselor for Booth and Brennan's partnership (which they initially resisted). The young psychologist had to fight to be taken seriously, despite having more than on doctoral degree. Still, he was always positive and sweet (yep, just like his name) and found himself particularly interested in the relationship dynamics between Booth and Brennan.

Eventually, he not only became an integral part of the team, assisting with investigations as a profiler, but he also became part of the family. He developed close relationships with the Booth and Brennan, also playing an influential role in their decision to finally be together as a couple.

He found his match with Daisy Wick, one of the first interns to come along after we lost Zack. After a few ups and downs, we returned on Bones Season 10 Episode 1 with big news – Sweets and Daisy had not only reunited while Booth was away in prison, but they were also having a baby!

Unfortunately, the actor who portrayed Sweets was ready to move on, and the writers used the opportunity for a highly emotional storyline. At the end of that very same episode when we learned Sweets would be a father, he was brutally murdered.

Booth and Brennan arrived to the scene just in time to be there with him as he died. To make matters worse, the team then had to examine his dead body, hoping to find clues that would lead them not only to the murder, but also to end the FBI conspiracy once and for all.

We're still not over seeing those scenes.

Surely there had to be another way? If Sweets had to die, did it have to be so bloody and awful? And did we really have to get a good look at his corpse as they examined his remains? This was not the last image of Sweets that I wanted to see on my television screen.

More importantly, did Sweets actually have to die in the first place? When we left at the end of Bones Season 9, he and Daisy weren't together at all. Couldn't Sweets moved away to start a fabulous new job or something?

Oh, and he was about to be a father, too. He died when Daisy was about five months pregnant, and they had already been planning for their new family. In less than 45 minutes, we saw Sweets as happy as he's ever been, looking forward to a whole new life – then, out of nowhere, he died a slow, painful death.

Rest in peace, Lance Sweets. We miss you!

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