Bitten Season 2 Finale Review: The Undoing is Undone

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The Undoing has been undone.

Honestly, Bitten Season 2 Episode 9 and Bitten Season 2 Episode 10 were a little scattered, but it's not necessarily a surprise after the rest of the season, is it?

There were several deaths and a hell of a lot of declarations of love, as well as a lot of visions and fight scenes, but in the end it didn't really amount to a whole lot. There's not a burning desire for a Bitten Season 3, which is kind of odd. But, it is what it is. 

Searching For Aleister - Bitten
The Showdown - Bitten

Overall, for an ending to a major arc like the Undoing, it was kind of a dull thud. Perhaps it's because our world is so small. Maybe if we had seen other werewolves and witches being affected by the Undoing, it would have felt more serious. Seeing only our little family bleeding from their orifices, it didn't really seem like the entire supernatural world was coming to an end.

So, we had to take their word for it. It wasn't the best tactic. If the Undoing had started when the Alphas were dropping by for a council meeting, it might have had some more depth. 

Instead, the only extra hand on deck was Cain, just after he killed his girlfriend who he had (somehow) managed to get onto life support when she failed to fully transition to a werewolf when he tried to create a love like Clay and Elena's for himself. That addition was out of left field.

Another love that died was Logan and Rachel's. Well, Logan died. That's also not a surprise since they felt superfluous all season, off running on their own God knows where. Even when Rachel was free, she was still taunting Logan to catch her. That worked well.

Paige won't allow her love with Nick to continue, either, because her mom sacrificed herself (a lot of sacrificing going on, too) for Elena, and she's coven leader now. Of course, the coven is only Paige and Savannah, so you'd think she might want a little extra support. They've proven they could use it. How do witches recruit?

There were some really cool one-off scenes throughout the two hours. When Jeremy took Ruth to the shed in the woods and she did that egg-rolling spell to get Aleister's DNA to track him? That was very neat. I'd like to see that used elsewhere. A little rebirth with the egg and all.

Hmmm. I just forgot any other scenes, so maybe there was only the one. That's not as cool as I thought. The whole dungeon business with Aleister, Clara and the poor wayward victim girl trying to get a piece made little sense. 

I guess they were trying to spice things up a bit, but Clara was such an annoying character that seeing her involved in any sort of a dungeon anywhere was wholly unpleasant. Aleister had altogether terrible taste in women. I'll chalk it up to abandonment issues.

Elena finally got the chance to remove the tequila worm from Savannah's arm! Did you squeal with pleasure knowing that, even if Aleister survived, his days of locking and keying were over? Now that I think about it, that's a very 70s swinger party way to go about taming Savannah. 

Jeremy learned that there was a place in his world for trusting other species of supernaturals and he won't be turning his back on witches in the future, so that's a great lesson. 

Despite Paige's desires to go it alone, it seems unlikely they'd go to all the trouble to introduce the witches and their world (and her chemistry with Nick) only to abandon it should a third season come into play. We need the characters now that we've lost the others.

The wider expanse was welcome, even if the story didn't necessarily take shape as we would have liked. 

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe this finale rocked it. What did you think? Did it pique your interest for what's to come? Did Elena's bloody vision leave you hungry for more or could you be satisfied as it stands now? A better story board is definitely in order.

If you missed any of the season, you can watch Bitten online via TV Fanatic. Thanks for dropping by!

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