Complications Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Onset

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To say that Complications Season 1 Episode 3 gets complicated is one of the biggest understatements ever uttered.

Who knew that trying to save one boy’s life could lead to so much carnage? Since this is only the third installment, I’m sure it’s far from over.

This episode picks up 15 minutes prior to where we left off, with Gretchen and Jed trying to reclaim Hillary’s things from Seth. Things go from bad to worse to atrocious in a matter of minutes. First, Seth pulls a gun, then Jed breaks Seth’s finger and just when it looks as though they could all walk away, Seth mouths off to Gretchen. 

Responsibilites - Complications

Gretchen is such an odd mix. She wants to help Hillary but because she can’t control her temper she almost ends up killing Seth; however, I’ll admit that I wanted to take a swing at him myself.

When her plan goes to hell, her end goal is simple…

Let's try not to go to jail today.


Who’d think that would be such a tall order, but while Gretchen was tying up Seth and tossing Wes’ laptop in the fish tank, all hell was breaking loose elsewhere.

John ended up getting an escort to prison to meet EZ. EZ shared a charming story about his beloved German Shepherd in whose head he eventually put a bullet because his son was allergic to the dog. As EZ explained in this Complications quote...

My boy means everything to me. The man who helps him, that man's my brother. The man who doesn't? Doc you don't want to be that man.


Moral of this story: John’s done protecting Antoine when EZ says he’s done and not a minute sooner. 

But John is juggling as fast as he can and it’s anyones guess how long he can keep those balls in the air. 

The sidebar in all of the this was Dr. Bridget O’Neill who had to look Henry’s sister in the eye and explain exactly how he died. Bridget seemed more upset over the hit to her reputation and a possible lawsuit than to Henry’s suicide and the sister’s distress. Now it appears she’ll be taking her guilt out on John and his supposed paperwork snafu. 

Will Bridget eventually be able to put the pieces together and track down Antoine at Ainsley? Will she end up turning John in? Will EZ’s boys realize she’s a threat and put a bullet in her head next? Anything is possible.

I had no idea how John and Gretchen were going to keep Seth quiet; I actually expected him dead by the end of the episode. Instead, the photo for the dead gang banger on John’s phone got the message across for him to keep his mouth shut. I think Seth will be easier to convince than Bridget.

The conundrum of Complications is that John’s end game is simply to save a young boy’s life yet, in order to do so he must break the law and put others in danger. His world is no longer black or white but a very murky sea of grey where every choice leads to a horrible set of consequences. 

Is there a way out for John? Can he find a way through this twisted maze and get back to his normal life? Check back next week for my Complications Season 1 Episode 4 review, and if you want more, you can watch Complications online right here at TV Fanatic.

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Complications Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

He wasn’t supposed to fall through the coffee table. Things just got out of hand.


Seth: That bag is mine.
Gretchen: Not anymore. Consider it an asshole tax.