Defiance Season 3 Episode 3 Review: The Broken Bough

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It looked like things were trying to get back to normal in Defiance, or so it seemed as Defiance Season 3 Episode 3 opened.

Nolan and Irisa showed a rare moment of father/daughter teasing and playing, while Nolan played keep-away with the trashy novel based on their adventures last season.

Sadly, the laughing and playing was short lived, as Datak and Stahma made their entrance into Defiance and nearly got shot. Datak is such a skilled liar I actually had trouble telling what was made up and what was the truth. Then I remembered my simple trick for telling when Datak is lying – his lips were moving.

As much as it pained me, I really appreciated the anger that Nolan showed over the loss of the McCawley family.

As discussed in the review for the Defiance Season 3 Episode 1 and Defiance Season 3 Episode 2, it didn't sit well with me that the entire family and their story plots went the way of so many in Game of Thrones.

But leave it to Nolan to decide to take action, and damn good on him for going! Of course, it didn't help that Irisa couldn't bring herself to tell him that she's suffering some type PTSD from her encounter with the Arc-brain, and that she's not able to hurt anyone, even to save her own life.

But, that's OK, it didn't take long for Nolan and Irisa to get jumped. Irisa just ducked behind the roller and Nolan nearly got blasted. Thankfully he didn't, since grandma psychopath was in the area and smashed the bad guy with a rock.

Pilar was a great source of entertainment. First, watching Linda Hamilton say the classic Terminator line, "Come with me if you want to live," cracked me up. And second, I actually said thank goodness out loud when Nolan shot her. I know that sounds mean, but she's bugged me since last season, and with Rafe, Christie, and Quentin dead, it was the only way the writers could make sure there was no way a McCawley story line could be brought back up.

I wonder if the writers apprenticed under George R. R. Martin? They certainly would make him proud.

Rahm Tak knowing who Nolan was is certainly going to get interesting, but the first meeting between them went about like I expected. Nolan got in some shots, Rahm Tak talked a big game, and Nolan and Irisa escaped to warn Defiance.

What I wasn't expecting was only about five minutes of screen time for T'evgin and no sign of Kindzi at all. That being said, you have to appreciate Stahma's ability to worm her way into people's trust. I hope T'evgin keeps his eyes open, otherwise there is no telling what Stahma might do.

Finally, Datak and Amanda's confrontation over Kenya was well done, and on the verge of being epic; it just needed a tiny bit of violence. Think about how much more powerful that scene would have been if Amanda had slammed her fist against the bars when she yelled, "In English!" She was bottled up just a bit too much for the amount of anger she was expressing.

What did you think of "The Broken Bough"? Did you enjoy it? Did you find yourself missing any of the McCawleys? Sound off below and remember you can watch Defiance online now.

The Broken Bough Review

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